Sunday, September 9, 2018

"Make It Mine" Doll Collection

    This is the three MIM dolls.   The one on the left is a Hailey doll.  She is often described as the sad one.  I prefer to think of her as a quiet, contented sort.  Thinking about remarkable things.  The other two are the Taylor doll.  They both have blue eyes, but different wigs on. 
    The girls are all 16" tall.  Fully articulated, as I wrote on a previous blog.   I am hoping to get into a sewing mood, and attempt some costumes for these lovely ladies.   The two ladies on the left and right of the bench have dresses I purchased from another person on ebay.

    My little Alexander doll, Alexis, enjoys the company of the big girls.  She admires their style, and the way they can bend their knees. 

                                  I hope you have a lovely day!   😊 Audrey

Monday, August 27, 2018

Another "Make It Mine" Doll

       August is quickly passing into September.  I decided to share another "Make It Mine" doll.
I don't have a lot of information about this one.   She is 16" tall, and fully articulated.  She poses beautifully.  I purchased her back in June.  She came with the red wig, and her birthday suit.

                          She hasn't given me her name yet.  She is a little mysterious. 

    I crocheted an under skirt, and a top from white thread.  Then, I made the brown plaid into a skirt and a shawl.   

      I love this wild red wig.  She has very intense blue eyes.  Maybe she's called Freya?  She certainly has a goddess look about her, doesn't she?

   Here she is trying a new look.  More modern, with a brown haired, straight wig.  The outfit she is wearing is all made from socks, including the shoes.  The brown hair gives her a different look.

    She is a lovely doll.  She's made from a durable plastic, that has the quality or look of porcelain.

    The name, Freya, comes from a Nordic goddess.   All the days of the week are named after male gods, except Friday, which is named after Freya.   Some how, I think this name is what she wants to be called.    Yup...Freya just nodded, she likes that name, a lot!

                                            Thanks for stopping in today.    😊 Audrey


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Taylor MIM Doll

   Happy Tuesday!   This is a new-old doll I recently purchased.  This doll is no longer in production.  It's a MIM doll.    That is, Make It Mine, doll.  She was created by Paulette Goodreau.  She is an American doll artist. 

  Her company given name is Taylor.  She stands 16" tall.  The wig is interchangeable, and so is her eyes.  The top of her head opens and with some good hand-eye coordination, I could change her eye color, too. 

                                                             Taylor is easy to pose.   

    I hope you enjoyed the photos of Taylor.   I've decided to keep her original blue eyes, and pretty blond wig.  This is her original outfit, with the flip-flops.  She also came with her own sleeping bag.

                                                     Have a good day!   Smile On!    Audrey

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Collage Art Journal

   I have been working on some collages in my art journal.  The journal is about 8" x 11".  To me  collage work is a visual feast of colors, textures, and images.  It's a blank page, and then the pieces all dance into place. 

   I borrow, and change up, random images.  Placement, background, all working together in a completely different way.    Playing with scissors, glue and papers!   Pure fun!

   I generally recycle magazines, donating them to local second-hand shops.  Sometimes the images are so beautiful, I can't resist the urge to cut and glue.

    Creating a collage, or "writing" with images, making a completely different story or message, can be very satisfying.

                                                        Keep It Simple!            Audrey

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mondays' Blue Jazz Band

                                                           The Blue Jazz Band

                             That is Eve on the saxophone, and Rita on the electric guitar.

                                                        This is Blanch on the drums.

                    The abstract painting behind Rita, is one that was painted by my daughter, Maggie.

                                                       The girls are having a good time!

                                                            Eve can play a sassy tune!

                                                     Hope You Have a Jazzy Cool Day!

                                                            Smile On!      Audrey


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Meandering Through Wisconsin

                                                               Summer 2018

                                 Wisconsin is a beautiful state.  We have been exploring!

                             I hope you are taking some time to enjoy your summer. too!
                                                 Smiling On!         Audrey

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Schoenhut Maggie of "Maggie and Jiggs"

                                      Another Schoenhut doll came into my life recently. 

   This is "Maggie".  Schoenhut developed this 9" wooden doll back in 1920.  She is based on a comic character created by George McManus.    The series ran from 1913 until 2000.

   She is about 98 years old, and certainly looks all of that.  There is quite a lot of information about the character and her husband Jiggs on the internet. 

   Her clothes are all original.  The skirt still attached to the wooden body with tacks.  Child safety was not a consideration at that time.

     The craftsmanship of  this doll was typical Schoenhut.  All wooden and durable!  Her string was a heavy cord that managed to keep her joints moving appropriately.    At this point she needed a careful sanding to prepare for the acrylic paint.

   Maggie has this scowl because she has expectations of Jiggs, her husband.  Jiggs has his own way of living.  Mostly he wants to spend time down at the pub with his old friends.  Maggie wants to climb the social ladder, as she and Jiggs won the lottery!

                          Maggie carries a rolling pin.   It helps Jiggs to hear her better. 

    "Maggie and Jiggs", is truly an American classic.  I am glad I found this dear sweet old lady.

                                       Put the rolling pin down doesn't help.

                                                         Smile On!      Audrey