Friday, December 13, 2019

Holiday Greetings for 2019

                                               Happy Holidays from the Schoenhut Kids.

Jolene and Jonathan are ready for their celebration.

Happy New Year to All of You!!

Smile On!    AudreyπŸ’–     

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Reproduction of The Grenier Doll

                                  This is Lady Grenier.   She is a reproduction of an 1858 doll.
                        The USPS commemorated dolls made in the USA.  They published stamps
                        and the dolls back in 1996. 

                                         She is a lovely doll.  Her head is made of a resin, and
                                   her body and limbs are made of fabric.  She is very well
                                   done, and a good example of the dolls that were produced
                                   by Ludvig Greiner in the early to mid 1800's.

                                         I replaced her arms with muslin, unpainted.  Her original
                                   arms were painted, and extremely stiff at her sides.  I kept the
                                   painted arms in case someone, someday, wants her back to her
                                   original state.   She is 30" tall.

                                         Lady Grenier and my Izanna Walker reproduction, have
                                  become good friends, and enjoy one another's company.

                                            I hope you enjoy your day in good company!

                                                           πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š    Audrey         

Friday, November 22, 2019

Schoenhut Sisters Restored

                                     This is a 15/316.    I purchased her back in September.

                            This is another 15/316.   I purchased her at the same time as
                     the other one.   I didn't take "before" pictures, because I was in such
                     a hurry to start on these two little cuties.   These are the invoice photo's.

                                    Sometimes I get ahead of myself in the process.

                                  Both dolls came with cute clothes, and nice wigs, especially
                         this doll.   I cleaned her and her costume.   Repainted her face and
                         cleaned and restyled her mohair wig.    I named this one "Lillian".

                              This one received the same treatment.   I named this one
                         after Myrna Loy, a famous actress from the 1940's.   Myrna
                         loves her fresh look.   The wig wasn't quite as nice as it use
                         to be.   To short in the back.    So we went for a new one.

                                              Myrna is quite pleased with her new wig!

                                Both dolls are named after movie stars.  Lillian is named
                         after Lillian Gish.    Now, these two are "stars", adding to the
                         Schoenhut collection that just keeps growing.

                                                   Hope You Have A Good Day!

                                                         πŸ˜Š  Audrey

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Elsa: The Schoenhut 19/308

                      This is a Schoenhut 19/308.     She is a lovely serious character doll.
                   This doll was in production between 1912-1924.   She was made in the USA.

                               I decided to completely restore her.   New paint works wonders.
                         Her face paint was not original.   Touched up by a previous owner.

                                 After studying photo's of the original doll in a reference book,
                          I attempted to recreate her face paint as close to original as possible.

                                      Her wig was replaced by this cute little bob-like style. 

                                Elsa is enjoying a day in the tropics.   Feeling refreshed and
                        pleased with her new look and new dress, she waits patiently for
                        the new shoes I have promised her.    She is 19" tall.

                                                  May The Sun Shine On You Today! 
                                                               πŸ˜Š     Audrey

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Schoenhut With Carved Hair 1912-1923

                            This is a 14" Schoenhut doll with carved hair.   She is in good
                 shape.   This is the first "carved hair" I purchased for my collection.

                               You can see the lathe lines, and someone did a nice job of
                   restoring her.    She came with this dress, shoes and socks, and the
                   necessary undies.   

                        This is what she looked like before the previous owner restored her.

                                 These two photo's show the back and top of the head.
                          You can see the ribbon carved into the hair in the lower photo.

                        I decided to do a little touch-up.   I added a little more color to her lips.
                  Then, I  repainted the hair, bringing in a different color and more high-lights.


Helga is a wonderful addition to my collection.

Looks like she is happy to be a blond once again.

                                         I Hope Your Day Is Filled With Happy Thoughts!

                                                                   πŸ˜Š  Audrey

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Schoenhut Carriage Ride

                               Fritz and Augustus (Auggie) are enjoying a special treat today.

                                                           They have new  (old) wheels.

                                          This little doll carriage is so perfect for my boys. 
                                 My son, Ray found it at a sale he was at this late summer.
                                 He called and told me about it.  Sounded perfect, and the
                                 price was unbelievable at $20.00.    I said, "Oh, yes!" 

                                       The boys are both Schoenhut, Natural Limb babies. 
                                Fritz is 15" and Auggie is 13".  Thanks to Ray for gifting
                                this carriage to the boys and me.   We love it. 

                                                     May Your Day Be a Sweet Ride.

                                                                 πŸ˜Š Audrey

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Sleep Eye Schoenhut 19" Restored

                     The only thing this Schoenhut had going for her was the pretty dress.   She was
              the first sleep-eye, added to my collection.    She's 19" tall, and was made between
              1921-1928.   The Schoenhut company was making an attempt to upgrade their line
              of dolls.    She is a Miss Dolly, 19/217.

                 She had obviously been laid on her back, and her eyes succumbed to the heavy
          weight of gravity over the years.   Her wig was a mohair, and very unruly.

                                           The eyes worked, and opened and shut easily.

                          Her wooden head was cut open on the back of the head, just enough to
                place the eyes in the chamber that had been cut into the head.  The eyes were
                held in place with a heavy piece of cardboard.   

                           I restored her head, and the rest of her body.   The eyes were removed
                  and repainted this lovely blue.   I added a gloss to the surface, too. 

                      The eyes came forward when I reversed the slightly warped cardboard piece
                that held them.  This pushed the eyes more tightly to the front of her face.
                      She can still open and close her eyes.  I avoid laying her down to rest, so the
                eyes don't wander back into her head. 
                       Irene is opposed to naps, and loves her sparkly new blue eyes!


                          She has a lovely new look.   And, once again bright beautiful eyes.
              Her wig and dress are brand new.   It was fun to create this little yellow dress
              for her.    The wig was a type were the braids would hang down, but I placed
              them up and over her head. 

                                        May you have a bright outlook on this new day!

                                                           Enjoy!        😊 Audrey