Thursday, January 18, 2018

Monarch Wall Art

    What a beautiful art piece.  We recently acquired this from our son, Ray Kaselau.  He made this after I commissioned him to create a wall piece.  I asked for Monarchs and a certain size to fit on an empty wall. 

    He creates his work with the paper mache process.  Building up the surface and sculpting the work, until he has the subject just right.  Then, he paints it with acrylic paints.

                       It measures about 15" x 30", and projects out from the wall about 5". 

                                                     A beautiful reminder of Summer.   

                                          Thank you for stopping in today!   : )  Audrey

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Black Dolls

     Over the years I have had an opportunity to collect many dolls.  Today, I would like to share with you, my black dolls.  Some of these I have posted before.  And, some are brand new to the collection.  I hope you enjoy the photos of these beautiful dolls.

     The tall doll in the back, is a "My Life" doll.  I recently found her on a clearance shelf for $5.
I couldn't resist, and Sugar came home with me.   The two dolls on the left are restored.  The one with the green and lavender sweater is a restored antique doll.  The little one in front of her is a Bratz, rescued.  The other two are Barbie types.  The one in the pants suit is a restore, and is quite animated with her arms.  The other Barbie is one I bought for the granddaughters, when they were small.  The doll decided to live with me.

    This group has all been blogged about before.  The little one in the front, Coco, is a restored antique.  She has the cutest expression.  The tallest one is another doll I purchased just in the last few months, on ebay.  The tiniest one is a frozen Charlotte type of doll, she is another restored antique.

    There is my reborn Aboriginal baby in the basket, Merendah.  And the baby in the colorful bunting is a restore.  His African name is Zaki, which means lion.

                                                                  This is Opal.

                                                        This is a close-up of Co-co.

        This is Patience and Samuel.   Both of these are restores, aren't they adorable?

                    This is Maxine, a restore, with a felted Teddy bear.  Maxine is only 4" tall.
                                              She is the tiny one of the group.

                                          This is Lena, she is a "t'ween doll".  I recently found her
                                  on clearance.  She was $5.00.  I couldn't resist those eyes.

                         These two are my latest additions to my collection.  Two beautiful
                dolls from the "Barbie" line.    I love the hair on both of them.

                   I sure had fun writing about these dolls, and I hope you enjoyed this blog!

                                                   Smile On!!       Audrey

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Travels With Barbie and Ken

    It's cold, gray and snowy here in northern Wisconsin.  I looked through my photos' and found several of my vintage 1958 Barbie and Ken (1963).    I would like to share these with you today.

    They are taking a walk in a lovely green garden today.   Previously, I mentioned they were packed and ready to do some traveling.  Today, we catch up with them in this part of the world, were there is no snow.  Just warm gentle breezes and birds singing.

   Ken is wearing a new suit, I found for him at Wally World.  It fits him quite well.  The shoes are a little big, but he manages to wear them any way.   (Better too big, then too small).
   Barbie is wearing a new crocheted dress.  It's a lovely soft pink, and compliments her hair nicely.  She also has new shoes, that pinch a little.  She sure likes having a new dress.  It's been years since the ol' gal has worn anything new.

                Oh, Barbie has spotted a pastry cart.   Just in time for coffee, and a sweet.

                                       I hope you have enjoyed this little diversion today!

                                                                            : )     Audrey 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bonnie Brown Reborn Doll: Grayson

            Aaahhhhh...isn't she just beautiful?   Such intense dark brown eyes.  20" long,
      4 lbs. and 6 oz.
           This is a reborn doll.  Sculptor is Bonnie Brown.  The artist who reborn her is
      Kristin Van Wright.  Both of these ladies know what they are doing.   The dolls'
      expression is beautiful, and the coloring is perfect. 
          The kit was called Grayson, but I decided to name her Olivia Anna Marie.

           I crocheted the bonnet, and wrapped her up in these lovely warm blankets.  She is a
     delight to hold in your arms, and appears to be listening to you.

                         I hope your day is lovely.

                                                        : )     Audrey     


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Krista the Crocheted Lady's Fashion Show

    Krista appeared on the December 21st, blog.  She showed off her costumes she wore in several of her (fictitious) movies.   Today, she wanted to show off her everyday wardrobe.

                   This simple little pink dress with matching shoes is one of her favorites.

          Krista thinks it brings out the pink in her cheeks, and compliments her lip gloss.

      This is another summer dress with spaghetti straps.  Vintage buttons adorn the dress and her matching shoes.

          She doesn't like this photo.   Her tummy......she should have skipped that rich dessert she had for lunch. and the one she had for dinner, and the one....after that...she just glared at me.

     This outfit is a lovely teal blue skirt, and a matching scarf.  Complimented with a multi-colored sweater, sleeveless for those cooler summer evenings.

                                          This outfit compliments her dark brown eyes.

    Krista is back in a warmer climate.  Modeling her variegated colored bathing suit.  Also, wearing her crocheted hat to ward off any excessive sunshine.

                The sound of the waves, and the warm tropical breeze is lulling her to sleep.
                                        Thank you for stopping in today!          Audrey

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Baby Bratz All Cleaned Up

    This is a group of Baby Bratz.  They were a little disheveled.  Needing a bath, and some attention to their hair.   They measure about 4 3/4" tall.  The large head makes them a little tipsy, and require a support to lean up against.

    Here are the girls.  I was able to find some clothes for them.  I haven't decided if I will change those glamorous faces or not. 

    This is the two little boys.  The ginger boy has the cutest painted on skives, and the other was "all natural".   He needed some little bottoms.   Once again this little group is ready to face the world.

                     I hope your day is wonderful.        Smile On!       Audrey

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

           Winter has created some beautiful art work on the dining room window this morning!

   I am taking time to reflect on the past goes by so quickly.   And, I believe I am ready for another trip around the sun.  Today, I am sitting back, appreciating the extraordinary; in the ordinary wonderful day ahead. 

                                Thank you for taking the time to read my blog this past year. 

                                                   May Your New Year be a Happy One!

                                                         Smiling Onward!     Audrey