Thursday, April 19, 2018

One Dozen Banjos and Counting

    This is twelve of the banjo's my husband has built so far.  Each one is unique, there are no two alike.  He recently finished another, and has several more on the work bench. 

                                         Here is a photo with just the ones on the sofa.

            It's a productive way to spend his winters.  Spring will arrive soon, and he will pursue different interests. However, I did hear him planning next winters banjo project this morning!

                                         Build On, Banjo Man!     <3

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Handmade Paper Dolls


    Today's blog is about paper dolls.   The photo above is three little darlings, standing in a lovely green park.  Dressed in their best dresses.  They are all about 7" tall.  I drew them on a nice heavy watercolor paper, and then used watercolor pencils and paint to add color to them.

   This is the sleepy one of the group.  She didn't get dressed early enough to go to the park with the other girls.  The idea of jumping up, and quickly doing anything is not her idea of a good start to any day!  She and Teddy will have a nice cup of tea with milk.

                                                         This little cutie loves dollies!

                                                     This little girl is a book reader.

       This is Hope, she wears a white dress, and a sunbonnet, ready for the summer months.

                                       Here they are again.  Sleepy, dolly girl and book girl
                               waiting to be given names, like their sister Hope.

                                 Thank You for Stopping in Today!     Smile On!    Audrey

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spin Masters "Liv" Dolls

    This is Sophia.  She is a Spin Masters "Liv", doll.   She is 11 1/2" tall.   Articulated, to take many postures.   I have three more of these girls, with different hair and eye color.   Their eyes are a beautiful plastic, that looks like glass.   They were produced between 2009-2012.

   The girls have been practicing to develop their own band.  They're all very talented, and able to play many different instruments.

    We will stop by on another day to see how they are progressing.   At this point, they have a lot of work to do.   The sound isn't quite right, yet.  Decisions; what instruments, what music, and most importantly, what to wear???   So far, they are just having fun jamming together.

                                                            Smile On!     Audrey


Friday, April 6, 2018

Maggie's Collage Art

    This is an art piece my daughter made for us.   She cuts all these little bits of decorative papers, and then puts them into a collage.   She also adds a little bling, with bejewels and shiny papers.

    It measures 12" x 22" from the outside edge of the frame.  If you click on the picture it should become larger so you can see the details better.  This is a lovely work of art!

                                         Happy Friday!      Smile On!    Audrey

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Nana The Island Doll

       It's snowing here in northern Wisconsin.  However, in the studio is a lovely lady from the
tropics.  Nana is a 14" cloth doll.

                                                                    Before Restoration

   Nana is a rescue doll.   She's prepared to be painted here in this photo.   I taped the head, arms and legs, and used a gesso paint first.   The head is a replacement, as the old head was past repairing.

    I used acrylics to paint her with.  Crocheted her dress, and added a lei of flowers around her
neck.  She also has a flowered print skirt under her dress.  I considered some type of shoes for her, but that idea was voted down by Nana.  She loves the feel of the sand between her toes. 

                  Aloha!      I am imagining the surf, the sun, and sand between my toes! 
                                                          Smile On!       Audrey

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Josephine: The Cloth Doll

      This is Josephine.  She's a cloth doll I found at a second-hand shop.  She came with a lovely dress and pantaloons.  Her face was non-existent, along with a scruffy row of raggedy yarn sticking out around the edges of her head.

      I embroidered a face and worked on giving her some lovely green eyes.  The first nose I embroidered, was rather long for her face.   Eventually, after some complaints from Josephine, I removed it, and gave her this cute "little" nose.   It does suit her face much better.  Now, her eyes really sparkle.

    Josephine is a tall girl measuring 27".   She has some lovely black legs/stockings, and the dress just needed a ribbon to embellish it.

   Her hair is made from a pretty rust colored wool.  I made her dreads, or as they were called when I was a little girl, "ringlets". 

                                                           This is the back of her head. 

                         Josephine said, she could use a hug after all this photographing. 

                                Hope you find a hug in your day!     Smile On!   Audrey         

Thursday, March 22, 2018

New Clothes for Paper Dolls: Izannah and John Henry

   Last week, I blogged about these two paper dolls I made.  Izannah Walker and her twin brother, John Henry.  I decided to make them some new costumes. 

    I found some inspiration in a doll collector's magazine I get.  And, started drawing out these two ideas.  Putting more detail into the fabric of the dress, and changing the suit into a less formal style.  I stayed with the watercolor pencils and paint, after I outlined them with a sharpie.

 The little darlings look quite nice in their new clothes.  Izannah and John Henry are about 9" tall.

                                         Thanks for stopping in today!        : )   Audrey