Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A Day at Rehab, for "My Life" Doll

                         I found this, "My Life," blond beauty, at Goodwill.  She is 18" tall.

                 She needed a bath as well as a shampoo.  A comb through did wonders, too.

         She has lovely brown eyes, and a pleasant expression.  I decided to call her, Blondie.

            Blondie has a new pair of shoes, a slip, with bloomers.  And, a crocheted dress.

                      I crocheted the hat and dress, sometime ago.  It fits her perfectly.

                        Her hair is a topnotch texture, and combed through very nicely. 

                    Blondie is getting acquainted with the other "big" girls in the nursery.

                               All things considered, we are thankful we found each other.

                                                                                   😊   Audrey         

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Happy Dolly Rehab

                               Here is a couple of sleeping orphans I found at Good Will.
                                               The little one is 12", and the other is 15".
                                          They are both made by Cititoy.  From China.

                           After a good cleaning, I crocheted them new clothes.   The baby in the
                pink bunting and bonnet, has lovely blue eyes and just a suggestion of red
                eyebrows.  I decided to call her Baby Ginger.
                           The other doll has a crocheted jumper and undies.  She insisted on a
                blanket to match her outfit.  With a shampoo and braided hair,  I added pink 
                 ribbons to her lovely braids.   I named her Linda.

                                              What do I do with all of the dolls I restore?

                                    I admire their adorableness...keep them for awhile...and
                        then I donate them to a charitable place to be sent back into the world.

                                  It is a good thing, and it makes me, and the dollies happy!

                                                  May you find your "Happy" today.

                                                               😊 Audrey

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Three Disney Dolls Come Clean

                                       I found all three dolls at a local Good Will shop. Each with their
                             own set of problems.  Gross hair, needing a bath, and in all cases a new
                             clean costume.           

                                   The one doll in the top photo is 18" tall.  The other two are
                           each 14" tall.  The blonds really have an awful type of hair.  What
                           ever it's made of, there is absolutely no way to get a comb through
                           it.   The brunette's hair is a much better type of material, and I was
                           able to save it with a good shampoo.

                                This is the 18" doll.  Her hair is cut, pulled back into a pony,
                      with a matching pink bow.  The dress is a sweet little thing I found 
                      at a second hand shop. 

                               These two look so fresh and beautiful, again.  The doll with
                      her original dress has some lace added to the lower hem.  And, I
                      removed the voice box, and the blinking lights in her skirt.   The
                      volume of that voice and the annoying song, is probably why this
                      little doll ended up on a shelf!

                               Now, the Disney Girls are ready to face the world, again!

                                                                                 😊 Audrey


Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Flower Drawing

                                      Here is a big, bold, bouquet for you.  Happy Friday!

                                                                     😊  Audrey

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dolly Rehab: Maggie by Gotz

This little orphan arrived, from eBay . 

She is a Gotz doll, designed by Heidi Ott, a German artist.

She is 19" tall, and made of vinyl, except her cloth body.  The eyes are brown, and 
could be glass.  Her hair is probably a human hair wig.   She dates from 1997-98.           

The poor dear came with a pungent odor of moth balls.  Phew!

The Gotz Doll Company is located in Switzerland.    
The company name for this doll is Maggie.   

Maggie spent two lovely days and nights out in the fresh Wisconsin air, and 
several spritz of a fabric deodorizer were used to take away the moth ball smell.

Now, Maggie is accepted by her peers in the nursery. 

Her hair is braided.   Her dress and shoes are hand-me-downs.

This little "smelly" diamond in the rough, presented some challenges.
She was worth the effort, don't you think?

Have a fresh and beautiful day!

😊 Audrey

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

This Tuesday's Post

                                      Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.

                                                               Dr. Benjamin Spock

                                                                                        😊 Audrey


Monday, November 5, 2018

Man Bun Monday

                                 I recently purchased this man doll.   The whole man bun thing is
                          just to adorable.  He came with a white t-shirt with tiny green cactus
                          printed all over it.   I changed that, for this striped shirt, it gives him a
                          little more color.   The cut off jeans work, but the gold shoes just didn't
                          seem right.  The man needs some flip-flops!

                                  He has an adorable smile, he could do a commercial for
                       an orthodontist.   The Mattel "Ken" doll has certainly changed
                       since I received my Ken doll back in the 1960's.

                                  I've decided to call this very cool guy, Dawson.

                                                 Thanks for stopping in today!   

                                                            👵 Audrey