Friday, May 22, 2020

Cloth Doll Phoebe

                                                                  Happy Friday!

                                          This is the most recent cloth doll I've made.

                                     She told me her name is Phoebe.   I said I wasn't sure
                             if that was a good choice.   She said it wasn't a choice but a
                             fact.   Her name is Phoebe.   I told her I didn't know for certain
                             how to spell Phoebe. 

                                                          Phoebe said, "Google it."

                                              I couldn't argue with a sassy smiling doll.

                              All cloth, with three tones of yarn hair, and embroidered face.
                                         She is 30" tall, and can wear toddler's size clothes.

                                              Hope You Have A Relaxing Weekend!

                                                                😊  Audrey

Monday, May 18, 2020

Drawing Flowers

                                                   Fantasy flowers is what I like to draw. 

                                   Quotes and flowers can be a really fun subject to draw.

                                             The crazy flowers seem to be a theme for me.

                                     I start a drawing with some stencils, and a ruler.  Randomly
                              placing the shapes on the page, or create a symmetrical drawing.

                                           This drawing turned into a quilt like pattern.  Each
                                small square developed into a different floral design.

                         After drawing in the images I use "Joy Ink" pens to create the color.
                  The pens have a limited color range, and using a few colors to create a
                  different, but yet varied color palette, is absolutely pure joy.

                                                 I heard a wonderful quote the other day. 
                                               " Create Art Today, And For The Future."

                                     Hope You Have A Good Day!     😊 Audrey


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Small Collection of China Head Dolls

                         I am adding to my collection of china head dolls.  This is the just
                 the second one, so far.   The first one I purchased way back in 2007.
                 It was time she had some company. 

                     This one is a "low brow".   She dates from the 1870's, and measures
                about 15 1/2".    She is rather unique, because of her arms and legs.

She has hand carved wooden limbs.  

                                               The carving is well suited to her body size

                                     The antique slip she wore was so badly tattered, it was unusable.
                             The dress is way to short, and made of a modern imitation of old
                             fabric that was to stiff.     She needed a new costume.

                                                          I decided to call her, Mary. 

                                              I just love her apple cheeks, and curly hair. 

                                        The doll on the right is Lucy, my first china head.  She dates
                               between 1860-1880.   Mary being the shortest stands in the front.
                               The doll on the left is Loretta.  She is a reproduction of a doll dating
                               from 1860's.   She was probably made between 1970-1990. 
                                         Two dolls is a pair, three is the beginning of a collection.


                                         Loretta is so lovely.  Respectfully,the artist who created
                                her did a fantastic job!    Her costume is badly faded.  When
                                the fabric stores reopen I will be shopping to create a fresh
                                new dress based on the one she is wearing now.

                                    The back of her head shows an example of a waterfalls
                            hair-do.    If she was an original 1860's, I wouldn't be able to
                            justify adding one to my collection.    Loretta was affordable!

                         Lucy, the first china doll I restored, was blogged on October 7, 2013.

                                     Enjoy Your Day!!      😊 Audrey

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A "Stinky" Doll Restored

                               Mission:  To clean up and restore this 14" paper mache doll.

                                           This little "Stinker" dates from the early 1900's.

                             After removing the hand made dress.  I discovered the doll
                    had been stuffed with a type of straw like, natural material.   The fabric
                    used for the body was extremely thin, and probably cost-wise, very cheap.

                          The arms and legs are muslin fabric, stuffed with cotton, (I think).

                                   The mohair wig was glued on, and very old and dirty.

                            I removed the mohair wig as much as possible.  Sprayed a fabric
                  freshener all over the doll.   I put the little stinker outside on the porch,
                  and let Mother Nature do her magic

                                It turns out that little Stinky was a boy!   His hair was molded on
                         his head, under the girly wig.  I repainted him, and made him this new
                         outfit from a couple of socks.   Repainted his arms and legs, and gave his
                         black shoes a new paint job.

                                                         Rudy is ready for a new day!

                                                    I just love his shy, but toothy smile!

                                            Another doll restored, that makes 313 old dolls.
                                  And still, a sweet sad face found, can call my name, and I just
                                  have to extend a helping hand, and pull them back into a
                                  happy fresh new world.    Thanks for stopping by today.

                                                                    😊 Audrey

Friday, April 24, 2020

Playing In The Park

                                        We have a new member added to the Schoenhut family.
                                                This poodle is fondly called, Shownee.

                                        He is learning to be polite.    "Sit," said Gudrun.

                                                                    "Good Boy!"

                                                       Looking for a good place to play.

Gudrun and Shownee have had a grand time together today!

I hope you and a loved one can be together today, too.

Smile On!      Audrey

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Just For Today!

                                                               Celebrate Earth Day!   

                                                           She is the only one we have.


Friday, April 17, 2020

Century Dolls Gather Together

            I am so lonesome for a group of family and friends gathered together in one place.

                            The Century kids decided to pull together.  Climbed up on the bed
                                    for a big group picture.   Bless their little dolly heads!

                                               The Century dolls date from 1909-1928.
                                        They were all made in America, and restored by me.

                Olga, Abigail, Inga, Peggy May, Marcia, Charlie Chuckles, Jane, Heather,
                           and Georgia, and of course the littlest one, Clarabell, all want to
                                    remind you to be safe, stay well, and be strong.

                                              This to shall pass.      💪   Audrey