Monday, July 16, 2018

Mondays' Blue Jazz Band

                                                           The Blue Jazz Band

                             That is Eve on the saxophone, and Rita on the electric guitar.

                                                        This is Blanch on the drums.

                    The abstract painting behind Rita, is one that was painted by my daughter, Maggie.

                                                       The girls are having a good time!

                                                            Eve can play a sassy tune!

                                                     Hope You Have a Jazzy Cool Day!

                                                            Smile On!      Audrey


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Meandering Through Wisconsin

                                                               Summer 2018

                                 Wisconsin is a beautiful state.  We have been exploring!

                             I hope you are taking some time to enjoy your summer. too!
                                                 Smiling On!         Audrey

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Schoenhut Maggie of "Maggie and Jiggs"

                                      Another Schoenhut doll came into my life recently. 

   This is "Maggie".  Schoenhut developed this 9" wooden doll back in 1920.  She is based on a comic character created by George McManus.    The series ran from 1913 until 2000.

   She is about 98 years old, and certainly looks all of that.  There is quite a lot of information about the character and her husband Jiggs on the internet. 

   Her clothes are all original.  The skirt still attached to the wooden body with tacks.  Child safety was not a consideration at that time.

     The craftsmanship of  this doll was typical Schoenhut.  All wooden and durable!  Her string was a heavy cord that managed to keep her joints moving appropriately.    At this point she needed a careful sanding to prepare for the acrylic paint.

   Maggie has this scowl because she has expectations of Jiggs, her husband.  Jiggs has his own way of living.  Mostly he wants to spend time down at the pub with his old friends.  Maggie wants to climb the social ladder, as she and Jiggs won the lottery!

                          Maggie carries a rolling pin.   It helps Jiggs to hear her better. 

    "Maggie and Jiggs", is truly an American classic.  I am glad I found this dear sweet old lady.

                                       Put the rolling pin down doesn't help.

                                                         Smile On!      Audrey

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Four Bride Dolls in June

   June is traditionally the month for brides and weddings.  I decided to transform four of my "Liv" dolls into pretty brides.  I went through my stash of old Barbie clothes, and found four dresses.

   The first bride is wearing a Barbie dress with silver trim on the bodice. An over-lay of tulle is placed over the skirt.  Her tiara is also silver.
   Her bouquet is silver flowers with pearls.

   All of the dolls are wearing wigs, that can be interchanged.

    This lovely doll is wearing a handmade dress with added pearls, lace and ribbons.   This dress looks very familiar, and was probably worn by my vintage Barbie on her wedding day.   It was so long ago, but I think my sister may have made this dress back in the 60's. 

   The dress on this bride is a contemporary dress that was purchased when my Granddaughters were playing with the Barbies.  It is a simple design with an over-lay of tulle over the bodice.  A lovely deep red rose bouquet was chosen for this bride.

   The last bride is wearing a dress with a "white on white" pattern of flowers through out the fabric.  She chose a full skirt, and simple bodice.  Her bouquet with the tiara have coordinating flowers.

                            All of the brides had their photos taken in front of a Tuscan backdrop.

                                I seem to be humming a familiar tune.  "Here Comes The Bride."
                             With a lovely Italian melody.   Hope your day is blessed.

                                                                                               💖   Audrey           


Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Grab Bag of Dollies

               I purchased a couple of "grab bags" the other day.  Good price, and full of little dolls.

                                       This bag was jam-packed with 15 dolls of all sorts.

    There is a couple of Bratz included, along with an American Mini Girl.  Some I needed to do some research to find out who they were.  My Granddaughter was able to identify the little Japanese anima characters.

                        This is a Disney doll.  I am not sure which one.  She is about 8" tall.

       With a bath, haircut and a new crocheted dress, she really has something to smile about!

   This little doll is about 7 1/2" tall.  She is an Alexander doll, dated 2015.   She has lovely hair, made from a very brush-able material.

     She cleaned up very nicely.   The little crocheted dress was fun to make for her.  Lucky I had thread to match those hot pink shoes she came with.

                                    Hope you have a lovely day.     Smile On!     Audrey

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Challenge of a New Camera

                                                   I purchased a new camera recently.

     It's a Rebel, alright.   Bells, whistles, buttons, and technology, abound on this little beast.  Until I am able to understand when and what to switch on, and turn off, this camera's nickname will remain "The Beast".   It's recommended that a person learn new things at any age.  So, this is my challenge.

                                                      Max, you are such a show off.

                                          The girls posed for a photo with Max, recently.
                                       ( I used the old camera the day I took this photo.)

                            Smiling On, as I take the new camera in hand once again!

                                                                           " ! "    Audrey

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Eugenia The Cloth Doll

                                                                This is Eugenia. 

    Eugenia is a cloth doll.  I purchased her at a second hand shop, and completely remade her into this lovely little blue-eyed beauty.   She is 27" tall.  I embroidered her face, once again enjoying the process of creating those expressive eyes. 

                                  I crocheted her wig.  She needed a more refined hair-do. 

   The dress she is wearing is a reproduction.  I purchased the pattern and made the dress a long time ago.  Hoping someone would come along and be able to fit the dress.   It fits Eugenia, as if it were truly made just for her!    The two-strap shoes she is wearing are made from an antique wool coat.
   She needed custom shoes to go along with her dress.

                                                               She is a delightful doll.

                                                She enjoys a good hug from time to time.

                                   Enjoy your day, and share a hug with someone special!

                                                               Smile On!      Audrey