Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Schoenhut Carriage Ride

                               Fritz and Augustus (Auggie) are enjoying a special treat today.

                                                           They have new  (old) wheels.

                                          This little doll carriage is so perfect for my boys. 
                                 My son, Ray found it at a sale he was at this late summer.
                                 He called and told me about it.  Sounded perfect, and the
                                 price was unbelievable at $20.00.    I said, "Oh, yes!" 

                                       The boys are both Schoenhut, Natural Limb babies. 
                                Fritz is 15" and Auggie is 13".  Thanks to Ray for gifting
                                this carriage to the boys and me.   We love it. 

                                                     May Your Day Be a Sweet Ride.

                                                                 😊 Audrey

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Sleep Eye Schoenhut 19" Restored

                     The only thing this Schoenhut had going for her was the pretty dress.   She was
              the first sleep-eye, added to my collection.    She's 19" tall, and was made between
              1921-1928.   The Schoenhut company was making an attempt to upgrade their line
              of dolls.    She is a Miss Dolly, 19/217.

                 She had obviously been laid on her back, and her eyes succumbed to the heavy
          weight of gravity over the years.   Her wig was a mohair, and very unruly.

                                           The eyes worked, and opened and shut easily.

                          Her wooden head was cut open on the back of the head, just enough to
                place the eyes in the chamber that had been cut into the head.  The eyes were
                held in place with a heavy piece of cardboard.   

                           I restored her head, and the rest of her body.   The eyes were removed
                  and repainted this lovely blue.   I added a gloss to the surface, too. 

                      The eyes came forward when I reversed the slightly warped cardboard piece
                that held them.  This pushed the eyes more tightly to the front of her face.
                      She can still open and close her eyes.  I avoid laying her down to rest, so the
                eyes don't wander back into her head. 
                       Irene is opposed to naps, and loves her sparkly new blue eyes!


                          She has a lovely new look.   And, once again bright beautiful eyes.
              Her wig and dress are brand new.   It was fun to create this little yellow dress
              for her.    The wig was a type were the braids would hang down, but I placed
              them up and over her head. 

                                        May you have a bright outlook on this new day!

                                                           Enjoy!        😊 Audrey

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Halloween Dresses For Schoenhut Dolls

               Myrna, my 15" Schoenhut doll needed to have a new wig.  Her other one was quite sad looking.    Along with the new wig, I made her a festive dress for Halloween.   Now, she is one very happy doll.  Along with her dress, a couple of her sisters also received new dresses.

                                            Myrna, Gisela (17" tall), and Elsa (19" tall). 

              The dresses have inspired me to consider making more holiday dresses, eventually.

                         This is Simon Franklin, having a visit with some of the Monster High girls.
                   He was so happy to have a Trick or Treat pumpkin.  It was a good day for a
                   little "unknown" Schoenhut boy!

                                  Hope You Had A Spooktacular Weekend.      👀   Audrey

Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Scary Schoenhut Story

                                     I just knew this 16" tall Schoenhut had to be saved!

                    He had a terrible story to tell.    He had experienced a real nightmare.

                    He had been systematically SANDED, from head to toe, by someone in his past.
                Definition of his eyes and mouth were hastily applied with colored pencil?    And, 
                worst of all his identity, his mark, indicating he is a Schoenhut was barely visable.

                                          The only thing he had, was a good head of hair.

                         He asked if there was anything I could do to help him look more "normal".
                    I said I would do my best, knowing there just wasn't much left to work with.

                                 He is feeling a little more in the "pink".   Poor guy. 
                          I decided to name him Simon Franklin.   He seemed pleased
                         and gave me a nice hesitant little smile.   His Schoenhut "look"
                         isn't there, but at least he looks sweet, and somewhat normal.


                                                    Simon has found a good friend, Rory. 

                                             They are excited to go "trick or treating" tonight!

                                                  Happy Halloween!    🎃 Audrey



Friday, October 25, 2019

The Smallest Schoenhut

                   She arrived all the way from New Jersey.   A little disheveled, but happy to arrive!

                                                          She looked around the studio.

                                               Expressed her joy in being out of the box!

                           She asked me directly if I could do something about her appearance.

                                          Placing herself in my hand, we went to work.

                       All cleaned and restored.   This little Schoenhut doll is only 11" tall.
              She is a toddler, number 11/107.   This type of doll was made from 1917-1926.

                    Nina's restoration did not include her original wig.  It was just to far gone to
             repair.   I painted her cute little pixie hair on with acrylics.   The bow is attached with
             a type of sticky wax, that is removable.

                      Nina's costume is original, just needed a good cleaning and to have
               the collar turned around in the right way.   I added the little red bow to
               her adorable sailor dress.    She also came with her original undies, but the
               shoes and socks needed to be replaced.   How many years can one little girl
               wear a pair of shoes?   It was a miracle she still had the original shoes.  I
               saved the dear little worn out pair.  Nina was sentimental  about how comfy
               the shoes were through all these many years!

                                         Oh, yes.   Nina loves her new shoes and socks.

                 Thanks for stopping in today.   My clan of Schoenhuts is growing, and each one
               needs a great deal of attention.   They tell me they are quite content, and enjoy one
               another's company.    They even seem to appreciate my efforts in cleaning them up!

                                                   Enjoy Your Day!!       😊 Audrey


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Charlene Schoenhut Restoration

                 This is a Miss Dolly, she is a Schoenhut doll.   She is 21" tall, and made in the 1920's.

                She came with her original shoes, union suit, and the dress looks original, too.
                       The wig is vintage, and I was able to freshen it up, and restyle it for her.

                   Charlene was so excited to show me her original shoes.  I asked where
              were her socks, she gave me a rather vague story.   Lost socks, sad ending.

                      The restoration on this Schoenhut was simple compared to some of
             the others.   She had a bad spot on her nose, her eyes were scaling away, as
             they were just decals.   And, her lips needed to be touched up just a little.

                                    I painted new blue eyes, and her wig is styled differently.

                                The vintage dress and union suit cleaned up really well.
                    Charlene borrowed some socks from one of her sisters.   She is all
                    beautiful again.  Not bad for an old girl of 100 years or more.


                       Charlene and her sisters; Darlene, Gisela and Glenda all want to wish,
                                            Raymond a very Happy Birthday, Today!

                                                             😊 Audrey

Monday, August 12, 2019

Remake of a "My Life" Horse

                   I recently purchased this horse.   It's a "My Life" horse, made for the 18" tall dolls.

                   The horse came with a furry coat, and a very shiny tail and mane.   The inside
           of this horse felt like a hard shell of plastic.  That would be perfect for my project.

                                           Whoa girl, this won't hurt.   The saddle and bridle came off
                                   easily, and will need to be painted a darker color eventually.

                        I removed the fur, and the tail with the mane.  It all came off very easy.
                  The ears were just fabric covering a thin piece of wire.  I would have to make
                  new ears when I started working with the paper mache.

                            The paper glued onto the plastic nicely.  Only a few areas needed more
                     then one layer.  I used a nice heavy paper bag type of paper.  Thin card board
                     was cut and shaped to create the ears.     I let the horse dry for several days.

                              Not being an avid horse person, I did some research on the internet to
                      see where the ears should be placed properly.   The first set of ears were
                      to big, taking on a mule appearance.    A few adjustments, and the little mare
                      and I were both happy with the smaller set of ears.

                                   After a little more research, I decided on a dapple gray color.

                                            I had to coax her back with some fresh carrots.

                                               Her mane and tail are also paper mache.

                                            I painted her with acrylics.  And, I used a poly sealer.

                                           Dream Girl has decided that is enough photos.
                                                    No more carrots...no more photos.

                                A really fun project, now my 18" dolls can take a ride someday.
                                                But only if they bring some carrots!

                                                             😊  Audrey