Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Spring Thaw

                  It all started very slowly.   Just a little pond appeared out in the pasture.

                          A few days later, the pond was comfortably spreading into the lawn.

                  Then, one morning the pond became a lake.  Flooding the yard, the driveway
       up to the shed, and across the front of the playhouse, into the woods on the west side of
       our property.   We had water from the east side all the way over, and into the west field.

                        My husband Ed, paddled the boat out into the new lake front property
              we were experiencing. 

                       Epic flood this year!    We have lived here for nearly 40 years and never
                experienced anything like this before.    It was amazing, frightening and all
                good, because it didn't damage anything.  A little water in my garden shed,
                which is drying out nicely, now.

                                            The following day, all the water receded,
                                      and the yard and land looks quite normal again!

                         Ed said he saw the lilies starting to sprout.  A wonderful sign of Spring!!

                                                  Smile On!   😊 Audrey

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Crocheted Houses

                     I started this little gray cottage,  added some pink shutters and green grass.   The
          white cloud, yellow sun, and then the pale blue sky came next.  I framed it in with the
          same brown I used on the path leading to the house.   The cottage needed a little ornament
          on the door, so I added the heart button.  A universal symbol of love seemed appropriate.
          The flowers are also buttons.   This wall hanging measures 16" x 16".

                         I decided to crochet another house, and see where it lead to. 

                           This time I used lavender for the door and shutters.  A big ol' shade
                      tree was added to the front corner of the property.

                          I used some green and blue felt on the bulletin board in the studio, to
                  see how it would look in an environment.

                        One house lead to another, and then, another.   I sewed them all together
               into this sweet little neighborhood.    This is another wall hanging, measuring
               about 30" long by about 19" tall.    I added a felt back to help stiffen the piece.

                                Crocheting is a wonderful process.  The development of  these
                    properties is really a good investment for me this winter.  Not at all practical.
                          Won't keep me warm on a chilly day, but cute crocheted eye-candy.

                                               Keep Smiling On!      😊 Audrey



Saturday, February 16, 2019

Winter Wonderland in Wisconsin

                                            A snowy winter day in February, left this gift.

                                             The birdbath looks like a frosty sweet cake.

                              Since these photos were taken we received even more snow.

                                               I find it all very enchanting!     😊 Audrey

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Carpatina Doll

                                 This doll is 18" tall.  She has a beautiful head of auburn hair.
                         The company name for this doll is Emma.  She is dressed in her
                         original renaissance dress, with matching shoes.   She is in perfect
                         condition and a very good price on eBay.   

                             Emma also has incredible green eyes.  And a lovely blush
                     added to her cheeks.  She is made of vinyl, and is a type of doll
                     that can be played with or collected. 

                          After a warm bath and a shampoo to freshen her up, I dressed her
                  in this modern style.   The outfit was purchased at Hobby Lobby.   I just
                  adore those little tennis shoes, very cool.

                                      I think it's time for a group photo of all my 18" dolls!
                             Emma thinks that would be a grand idea, as she has made
                             several good friends, so far.   She's looking forward to meeting
                             the rest of the "big" girls.

                                                     Happy Wednesday To You!

                                                               😊  Audrey

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Afghan Gift

                                I made myself an afghan.  It is a traditional granny square.

                            It fits the twin size bed in the guest room, or as I call it the
                      dolly room.   Yup, that's where I keep my doll collection.

                        This is Prudence.  Lovingly called, Prudy.   She is a reborn doll.
               Sculptor of this little cutie is, Bonnie O'Dette,  She is 21" tall, and weighs
                a comfortable 5 lbs.     She is in the top, and next photo, admiring the afghan.

                     I've crocheted many afghans over the years.  Specifically for someone
           as a gift, or to match the colors in the living room furniture.   Taking some-
           time to make one just for me, was a lovely experience.   
                     On a cold and snowy day, here in northern Wisconsin, a new afghan is
           a delightful gift to myself. 

                                 I hope you give yourself a gift today, you deserve it!

                                                                  Smile On!    Audrey

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Crocheted Decorative Baskets

                        Crocheting decorative vessels, or baskets....using some unusual yarn.

                                       I used a large crocheting hook.  It was a N-9.00 mm.

                                                The large round one is about 12" across.

                                                This shows some of the finished baskets. 

                                        The large basket is stuffed, with a cover crocheted and
                                   sewn on.    Pure decorative, and if the grandchildren toss it, no
                                   one gets hurt.....😃

                                                                           Smile On!     Audrey

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Needle Felted Blue Bunny

                         Happy  Saturday!     The little blue bunny is another wool felted
                  character I made recently.   From the top of his ears to his bunny tail bottom,
                  he is about 6".  If he could stand he would reach about 9".    The eyes are a
                  plastic brown.  Very handsome. 
                         I named him Harvey, after a famous rabbit in a Jimmy Stewart movie.

                                         The little dollies enjoy Harvey's sense of humor.

                                                        Smile On!      Audrey