Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Clothe Doll & Paper Clay

     Several weeks ago I purchased this cloth doll at a second hand shop.  Adding some stuffing, because he was a little under weight.   Then I added paper clay to the head to create his facial features.

    I had read some history about some very old dolls that had been created from cloth, needle sculpted, and painted with oils.  Izannah Walker dolls are 200 years old, and look pretty good for a bunch of old gals.   They go for huge prices, and are way out of my league for collecting.

    After letting the clay dry, I gessoed the surface with several layers.  Painting him with acrylic paints, I can only hope he stands the test of time.

    The doll has his wardrobe painted on.    He wears short pants, with long stockings.  And, a brown suit jacket with a green tie.   I then sprayed over the entire fellow with a poly sealing product.

     He tells me, he comes from Scotland.  Lives on a huge estate, with his own golf course.   He spends a great deal of time "working" on his game.   I love his accent!

                                       His lovely wife calls him, affectionately; "Sir Golfs a Lot".

                             I hope your Wednesday is filled with wonder.     Smile On!   Audrey

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Visiting My Old Friends in 1958

                                                            Good Morning!
    On my  last blog I shared this photo with you.  Today, I would like to show you how some of my dear little friends have survived the many years of love we have shared.

    Teddy the Cat, has had some restoration done. In the old photo above, he is resting on the right side of the picture.   He had lost his nose, and one eye.  His stuffing was in a rather "flat" state.  When I restored him, washed and de-stuffed, I discovered he had been re-stuffed, long ago, because the stuffing inside of him was a collection of my Mothers' old nylons.  I saved those dear old stockings, and gave him brand new white fluffy stuffing.

   The little girl on the left of the photo, is the same one on my lap in the photo, also on the left.  She is made of a good type of vinyl material, she's very sturdy.   She had a formed pony tail on the back of her head.  I can remember my Mom taking a hot sharp tool, and burning a hole under her pony.  Then I could put ribbons to match her outfits.  Sally is a pleasant little soul.

   Roxanne is the doll sitting on the right of Teddy.  In the old photo she is sitting on my lap.  She has an ink mark on her back .  My Mom wrote the year she was given to me.  1958.   She is an Ideal doll. Unfortunately, Roxie is made out of a type of material that has not withstood the test of time.  She is covered in an oily sheen, as the vinyl melts.  There is no cure.  She sits comfortably in, The Nursery, wearing her new crocheted sundress and matching bonnet and slippers, I made for her.  Her eyes have become quite hazy, too.

   The fabric doll, next to Roxie is one that I was given a very long time ago.  I remember being told that she was bought, sewn and given to me by my Grandmother.  She never really had a name, if she did at one time, I don't remember it.  In recent years I decided to call her Zelta.  That was my Grandmothers' name.  Zelta is in the old photo above, sitting on the left arm of the chair.

                                                                 Teddy the Cat   15"

                                                                 Sally   9 1/4"

                                                              Roxanna  "Roxie"      16"

                                                                           Zelta      12 1/2"          

    I think this is by far the longest blog I have ever written.  Hope you stayed with me on this one.
I am looking forward to sharing more, just not so lengthy, next time.

                                                Smile On!          Audrey

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Return of the Blog!

        I am back.  Smiling.    That's me in the photo with my collection of dolls and stuffed animals.
This photo was taken sometime in 1958.    I still have several of these dolls.  The stuffed fellow on the right is alive and well.  His name is Teddy the Cat.  He is now a lovely shade of pale teal blue, and creamy white.  Roxanne, Sally and Zelta are three of the gals in this group picture that still live with me.

       I will take a group picture of them as they are now, and post it next time.  It sure feels good to be back at the key board typing out my thoughts.    Thanks for stopping in to visit!

                               Smiling On, Once Again!        Audrey

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Blog #400

    Have you ever looked closely at the "weed", Creeping Charlie?    It has delightful little purple flowers.  The leaves are edged in a deeper purple, and their scalloped edges remind me of lace.  I am appreciating the extraordinary tiniest plants that come, now that summer has arrived!

   I am closing my blog today.  I have enjoyed writing this blog and sharing with my family and friends.  Now, it's time to explore some different avenues on the road to creativity.

                  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.     Smile On!       Audrey

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Two 4-String Octagon Banjos'

    Two more octagon banjos came from the work shop!   Ed created these two beauties.  They are
both 4-string, and tuned to DGBD.    They each have a 26 1/4" scale fret board.

    One of them has a paduke fret board, and old time-e fiberskyn head.  The octagon is made out of maple.

    This banjo's fret board is made from purple heart, and the 8" head has a new shiny look.   The octagon is also made from maple wood.

                                           Sweet sounds come from these two sweeties!

                                                         Thanks for stopping in today!

                                                           Smile On!       Audrey

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Big Dragon Head Banjo

    The music man in my life has been very busy creating a new banjo.  This one is a 4 string, with a 13" head.

   The head has an oriental dragon design on it.   The rim is made from maple, and this was my husband's first attempt at bending the wood for the instrument.   The fret board is made from purple heart,with the open hole for the tuners to be placed in.

                                  The maple and the purple heart look really good together.

                                              Here is a close-up of the dragon design.

    This banjo is tuned to DGBD, and the fret board is 26 1/4" scale.    It has an unusually good sound.

                            Thanks for stopping in today!      Summer Is On!          Audrey

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Bisque Doll Called Maggie May

   This little gal came with a set of very bad shoulders.  She is 7" tall, and dates from 1920 (?).  The mark on the back of this sweet darling is JAPAN.

   Maggie May needed a warm cloth to clean her bisque.  As you can see in the picture above, her shoulders are not there.   Instead, her arms are simply sewn to her body.  

    After cleaning her bisque, I decided to leave the original body, just strengthened the fabric on her arms and body, with some extra stuffing and paint.

    Her hair was sculpted with some lovely curls, that even extended to the back of her head.  The bows added a nice touch to her hair style, too.

    When I finished cleaning and restoring  this doll, I mentioned to my daughter that this doll had bad shoulders.  She quickly remarked, "Just like me!"   "You should name her after me," she said.

   Maggie May needed lavender ribbons and a lovely crocheted dress.   The hardest part was making the dress fit properly with "no shoulders".  It all worked out, however.
   My daughter, appreciates having a doll named after her.  Brown hair and brown eyes, on both Maggie's.

       Hope your Saturday is going well!!          Smile On!          Audrey