Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lady Anna Dee Bird

This is a needle felted figure, I finished a week ago or so.  She started out as a bird-female form, and evolved into this.  She has that Cirque look, with the addition of the bright colors over her bodice.
The back of the figure has felted forms representing feathers.

The full figure stands about 18" and is about 10" at the base.
With the cage built by Ed, I was able to create this skirt and covered the inside with the white tulle, after placing the yellow tulle inside.  She holds a bird on her arm that is also felted wool.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Louie and Birdie

   This is Louie and Birdie.  They started out as marionettes.  However, I found the weight and strings rather difficult to work in a realistic way.  Honestly, it looks so easy when a true marionette puppeteer is working a figure.  The challenge was to much for me, I am ashamed to admit, so I cut their strings and let them rest comfortably on the counter in the studio.  They seem happier, and the pressure is off for me to start another career!  So for now, I will stick to just making the little darlings for the pure fun of it.

   The collage behind them is a delightful work made by my niece, Hiedi.  I just love it.  And the little angel figure was a gift from my sister, Cora.

  Have a happy day, and clown around a little!  That's what Louie and Birdie are doing.

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Room in Paris

Let's pretend we are in Paris today.  The proprietor of the hotel is showing a room with a view, and a black and white decor.  Very Parisian, very affordable, very dreamy.  It's sometimes wonderful to pretend a little get away!
This little miniature room is about 12 1/2" wide by 9" deep, and 8" high.  The bed was a random find, the furniture is made from foam board, covered in decorative papers.  The wardrobe was a dollar find, and I added the designer paper to the front of it after painting it black.  The view is a vintage postcard of Paris. And the walls, or box, is all made of foam board.  And the lamp is a bead,with a cloth covered button used for the shade.
Mademoiselle Trim Bling-a-ling, is very happy to meet you, and hopes you will stay a long time in her lovely hotel.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The O'Spool Girls

Oh look, it's the O'Spool sisters out for a morning walk.  Miss Taylor is in the lead, followed by Miss Hemreeta, and last but not least, the lovely Miss Fabrica.  Followed close behind by their younger sister, Sewphie, and her children, Baby Button and Ginger Snap.

I made these characters from spools, that had been in the cupboard forever.  Glued, painted and added lace and buttons to create their Victorian dresses.  The carriage was a find at a local craft store, bought it because it was so darned sweet , not because I had a specific plan.  It was just there in the cupboard, when Baby Button arrived.

The backdrop is a black and white drawing I did with marker to give them a nice place to take their stroll.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Altered Books

Interesting morning...I did not intend this photo to be my choice for the post today, but here it is.  Something seems to have changed on my dashboard.  Ah...the challenge remains a constant. 

This is a photo of altered books.  The stack of books are glued shut, and stacked together and glued into this position.  Then I spray painted them brown.  The arrangement is such that I can lay them down on their side if I want a more horizontal composition.  The book in the front is coverless, and folded with a small bit from another book added to the top, to add just alittle fun to it!  The books I use are not of any value, and more then likely would have ended up in the recycle bin. So rest easy my fellow book lovers out there.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Back Porch

                    Christmas is over, I know.....................right?

The Soldiers look so handsome, standing at a attention, here in the porch. 
Ed bought me the first one in 1987, and then over the years we would select another one or two to add to the regiment.   Yes, the holidays are truly over, and I have three good reasons why the Nutcrackers are still standing guard. 

1 .  I am not ready to ship them off to storage.  2. It's cold in the porch.  3.  There's something quite sentimental about putting away the last of the Christmas decorations for another year.  (As soon as it warms up a little I will venture out there, and help the boys pack up.)  Think Happy!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lost A Sock?

What is that up there in the clear blue sky?

Who is that?  It's a butterfly!  It's a bird!  No, no it's, SUPER SOCK GIRL!!
She's the avenger of the lost sock.  Super Sock Girl will search, seek and solve the missing sock in your life!

Call "Help-Lost-My-Sock"

Super Sock Girl reminds you to, "Have a nice day, and may your socks always match."

Winter Blue Bird Felted


     This is a little needle felted bird I did a few weeks ago. I decided to make a small copper tree for it to rest in.  The leaves are white felt, and the tree sits into a wooden spool.  With a small bangle of beads just to the right of the bird, to off set the weight of the bird.  It balances rather nicely.       
It's really amazing how a piece of soft fluffy wool can be sculpted into a form.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Copper Boiler Dulcimer

   This was an ugly black and grungy copper kettle, until Ed set to work.  He transformed it into this beautiful bass dulcimer.  It's sweet deep tone is very pleasing to hear.  It has three strings, the fret board is cedar, and the face of it is made from a mahogony door skin.  The legs fold up for easy transport to a music festival.  This was Ed's first attempt at making a musical instrument.  You rock, my sweet ol' man!

Music Maker Man

   This is the electric instrument that Ed made.  It's a five string tuned as a banjo, it can be converted to dulcimer tuning as well.  He made it out of a fir plank, and the fret board is made from mahogany.  He calls it the "convertible".  It sounds as sweet as it looks!  It's an instrument that you would lay in your lap and play.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

You are My Sunshine!

      Here's a close up of a journal page, she has moving arms, and a lovely stamp was used to create that face.  Colored papers and pencils were also used on this page.  Oh, I do know how to have some fun!  The full journal page is in the next post.  Think warm thoughts, my dear ones.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

A little sunshine for a cloudy windy weekend.                                                                            
A little color on a journal page I did a long time ago.  This is another attempt at learning the art of blogging.             
Many  steps are required to accomplish this process.   So far, it's quite an interesting adventure.
Thanks much to my knowledgeable son, Ray!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Repurposed Art Flag

Hi there!  This is a work I did using the covers of old markers, and regular pencils, along with some colored pencils as well. 
Pure Fun!!
Load a hot glue gun and I was off into my happy art place.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Buster the Cat and Sculpture

This is our cat, Buster.  He sits quite comfortably next to an abstract sculpture I made, along with some altered books, I folded into these top like forms. The sculpture is abit of a "fool the eye," as it appears to be metal but is infact a papier mache project I did a couple of years ago. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Visiting the Past

I am taking a look at an old painting, I actually did this one way back in college.  I still like it and have it hanging up in the spare bedroom.  I am also experimenting with this blog thing and hope to figure out how to crop's a work in progress.