Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Louie and Birdie

   This is Louie and Birdie.  They started out as marionettes.  However, I found the weight and strings rather difficult to work in a realistic way.  Honestly, it looks so easy when a true marionette puppeteer is working a figure.  The challenge was to much for me, I am ashamed to admit, so I cut their strings and let them rest comfortably on the counter in the studio.  They seem happier, and the pressure is off for me to start another career!  So for now, I will stick to just making the little darlings for the pure fun of it.

   The collage behind them is a delightful work made by my niece, Hiedi.  I just love it.  And the little angel figure was a gift from my sister, Cora.

  Have a happy day, and clown around a little!  That's what Louie and Birdie are doing.

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