Sunday, January 27, 2013

The O'Spool Girls

Oh look, it's the O'Spool sisters out for a morning walk.  Miss Taylor is in the lead, followed by Miss Hemreeta, and last but not least, the lovely Miss Fabrica.  Followed close behind by their younger sister, Sewphie, and her children, Baby Button and Ginger Snap.

I made these characters from spools, that had been in the cupboard forever.  Glued, painted and added lace and buttons to create their Victorian dresses.  The carriage was a find at a local craft store, bought it because it was so darned sweet , not because I had a specific plan.  It was just there in the cupboard, when Baby Button arrived.

The backdrop is a black and white drawing I did with marker to give them a nice place to take their stroll.

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