Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The First Music Box

        This is a Music Box that Ed built.  He based the design on Tennessee Music Boxes that were first built around 1880.  He found the history on the Internet as he pursued his interest in dulcimers.  The Music Box is a close cousin to the dulcimer, in fact as he played this, I thought he was playing the dulcimer.

        He built this out of aspen, and the dimensions are 28" x 11 1/4" x 3 1/2".  The fret board is made out of oak, and the zither pins are for tuning it, placed on the bottom.  It's strung like a dulcimer, and tuned to DAD.

        This is a close up of the design.  I had purchased a wood burning tool several years ago.  Pulled it out of the cupboard and decided it was time to learn how to use it.  After a few doodle attempts on scrap wood, I was ready to work on this, with Ed's encouragement.  I used a stipple affect. And added numbers to the fret board, as well.  

        It sounds so sweet, can't wait for our musical granddaughter to get her hands on it, and play some tunes, and really give it a go.                      

                                            Hope your day is filled with good music.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Ordinary Challenge

           I decided to challenge myself this year, the challenge:  to take an ordinary item, used everyday, and create an art piece out of it.  The wreath above is made from socks.  The bottoms had worn out, but the tops were so beautiful in the way it was knitted.  Besides they were a gift from Ed, and had kept my toes warm for quite some time.  Using a Styrofoam circle, I sewed the tops of the socks onto it, discarding the worn out parts.  Then I crocheted the roses, and added a muslin ribbon.

       I am quite pleased with the result, and enjoy the fact that the worn socks that had served me so well, are put to another use.  Currently displayed in my dining room.

                                                          I hope your toes are toasty!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Art Works

                           Isn't this grand?  We purchased this from an artist we both admire alot.
               It's one of the pieces we bought at an art crawl in Eau Claire several weeks ago.

                    This is really striking in the living room.  We've gone into a wild look, and the dear old house is really taking it all in stride.  The pieces are quite beautiful, and we love having new art.  Seems to be taking care of the winter blahs, also.  Good to shake things up!

                                 This one is also in the living room.  Majestic with a slight grin.  I love the
     surfaces on all the pieces, very painterly.  And the artist created such a beautiful patina on all
     of them, it's a joy to just look and look.  I step closer, and I look some more.  The colors are
     really quite, well...yummy!!

                                So, who is the artist, you ask?  Ray Kaselau, yup-our son.  He's the guy
              in the back far left of the photo.  This is his studio in a place called, Banbury Place in
              Eau Claire.   

                                             Have a great day, and shake it up a bit!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday Morning

                                                                      Good Morning!

The coffee is on, and there is something delicious baking in the oven.

The cat wants some attention, and the partial grocery list is written on the chalk board.

But first, let's sit and talk, and have that warm cup of coffee, together.

                         The table and chairs were built by my brother, Ken, many years ago, for our Mother.  The plastic appliances were a find at an antique shop.  And the wooden cupboards and shelf were a $1.00 purchase.  All the canisters and pottery, are various beads.  And one brass bullet casing adds a bit of bling on top of the cupboard on the left.   The chicken clock is a button with the clock face added.  The view over the sink is a photo of my Mothers garden, were an old barn use to stand.  And off to the left on the floor is a little heat vent, that was once a part of a lady's undergarment.  This kitchen is about 12" x 8" x 7 1/2", made from foam board.   
       I was inspired to build this, because of that delightful table and chairs.  Thanks Ken.    

                                               More Coffee?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surprise in the Studio Closet


                                                 Nigel, what are you doing in the closet?
                                                         You startled me!

                                 SORRY...RESTING...PLEASE CLOSE DOOR...TIRED.

                                           Well, at least you are a polite monster.

                                                       THANK YOU.

                                                     You are welcome.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Making the Most of Life

                 This guy has a bright idea!  He's read the book and is going to attempt to make the most of life!

                         This is a needle felted portrait I did, added the light bulb, and a small wooden box for the stand.  The book was a gift from my son, Ray.  It was published in 1914, and seems to be quite applicable to this day.   Make the most of your day, dear friend.    I am off to the studio to see what other adventures I can get into.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Waiting for the Blog Bus


                                                               Good Morning!

           This is a page from one of my art journals.  The gentlemen were from a vintage photo.  All dressed in their team uniforms and high top shoes.   Are they ready for some football, or is it soccer? 

            I added the bathing beauties, in their wild bathing suits.  Collage is a fun way to bring those bits and pieces together that add up in the "save" box.  

Make it a Good Day, it's all Yours!                          

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monster in the Studio

                                                             Another monster, and this
                                                     one is in the studio, playing with scissors.
                                                                   Who are you?

                                                 are a poser.

              Woolameanah, is a felted monster I made out of Angora wool, she's about 12 inches long from her dreads to her toes.  Very cuddly, and enjoys a good hug from time to time. 

                            Speaking of hugs......consider yourself hugged today.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Altered on Monday


                                                     What do you do with old magazines?

                                     I fold'em, crease'em, and then I hang'em up...voila' ART.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Professor Earl

Well, look who stopped in for a visit this weekend. 

It's the Professor, from Scotland. He traveled here, and intends to stay to watch the snow fly.  His cat is his constant companion.  He affectionately calls her, Goldie.

           The Professor is a character doll I made, he is about 34 inches tall.  And Goldie is a crocheted cat  that I made, also.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Floral Still Life with Oranges

                                                            Happy Wednesday!

     This is an acrylic painting I did back in December of 2002....there's something rather pleasant about flowers in winter don't you think?   And, you can't beat the taste of a nice fresh orange from Florida.
                                                              Happy Thoughts! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nigel Goodwill the Monster

Nigel Goodwill what are you doing on the bed?


Nigel, where do monsters belong?


That's right, now get off the bed.

                                                              That's better.

                                              NIGEL GOODWILL, UNDER THE BED NOW.

                                                                                   Good boy.  Thank You.

     Nigel is a character puppet I made from a recycled wool sweater, I purchased at Goodwill.  Hope you enjoy your day, and that you have sweet monsters under your bed , just like Nigel.