Monday, February 25, 2013

Art Works

                           Isn't this grand?  We purchased this from an artist we both admire alot.
               It's one of the pieces we bought at an art crawl in Eau Claire several weeks ago.

                    This is really striking in the living room.  We've gone into a wild look, and the dear old house is really taking it all in stride.  The pieces are quite beautiful, and we love having new art.  Seems to be taking care of the winter blahs, also.  Good to shake things up!

                                 This one is also in the living room.  Majestic with a slight grin.  I love the
     surfaces on all the pieces, very painterly.  And the artist created such a beautiful patina on all
     of them, it's a joy to just look and look.  I step closer, and I look some more.  The colors are
     really quite, well...yummy!!

                                So, who is the artist, you ask?  Ray Kaselau, yup-our son.  He's the guy
              in the back far left of the photo.  This is his studio in a place called, Banbury Place in
              Eau Claire.   

                                             Have a great day, and shake it up a bit!!

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