Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The First Music Box

        This is a Music Box that Ed built.  He based the design on Tennessee Music Boxes that were first built around 1880.  He found the history on the Internet as he pursued his interest in dulcimers.  The Music Box is a close cousin to the dulcimer, in fact as he played this, I thought he was playing the dulcimer.

        He built this out of aspen, and the dimensions are 28" x 11 1/4" x 3 1/2".  The fret board is made out of oak, and the zither pins are for tuning it, placed on the bottom.  It's strung like a dulcimer, and tuned to DAD.

        This is a close up of the design.  I had purchased a wood burning tool several years ago.  Pulled it out of the cupboard and decided it was time to learn how to use it.  After a few doodle attempts on scrap wood, I was ready to work on this, with Ed's encouragement.  I used a stipple affect. And added numbers to the fret board, as well.  

        It sounds so sweet, can't wait for our musical granddaughter to get her hands on it, and play some tunes, and really give it a go.                      

                                            Hope your day is filled with good music.

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