Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning


                                " The way to know life is to love many things. "    Van Gogh

     This is a small acrylic painting I did, based on the influence of Van Gogh's work.  It seems like an appropriate  painting to show you on this special morning.   

          With Love, Audrey                         

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Humble Chair

The Chair Study

       This is a study of Van Gogh's chair I painted in acrylic.  He placed his pipe and tobacco on the seat.  It's a very humble chair.  He also painted a picture of another chair representing his friend, Gauguin.  That chair is a different style, more fancy, I suppose. 

        I wondered what it would look like if I painted my chair in the style of Van Gogh.  After attempting this painting, I found several other artists had the same idea.

       I decided to use the same style of chair, just change the color and add an orange, and a box of oranges rather then onions, as Van Gogh had done.  (I love oranges!) 

      The last book I read about Van Gogh was "The Life", it was a huge tomb of a book.  Mostly it was so honest and truthful that it was a difficult read.  Hollywood version of "Lust for Life" was a very beautiful film, well done....but sugar coated his difficulties.  The interesting thing about the book was the ending....did Vincent commit suicide?  The book gives a very good argument, that maybe his death was brought on by other circumstances. 

       If you want to know more, and not read the book, e-mail me, and I will fill you in!

                           Happy Friday....Good Friday!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vincent Van Gogh's Flower

Passion for the Sunflower!

         This is an acrylic painting I did.  I studied, and painted this, from one of Van Gogh's works.  To really look and then replicate his brush strokes and colors was quite an interesting process.  This one is called 14 Sunflowers, and I believe he painted it in about 1889.  He painted several pictures of the same vase of flowers, just switching the background color, and observing the dynamics of a living plant.
         This master-study, was a big help to me in teaching the how's of painting to my students.  I had to practice what I preached!  Thanks Vincent, you were a wonderful teacher.

        This is another acrylic painting I did.  I wanted to create a composition, with the sunflowers, but also add a portrait of Vincent .  Using his favorite yellows, and incorporating his homey chair, and blue door, I show the artist stepping out to accomplish another painting somewhere in the sun drenched landscape of Arles, France.  I call this "Homage to Vincent".

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Bedroom Redecorated

A Watercolor of Van Gogh's Bedroom

    This is a watercolor study I did of Van Gogh's bedroom.  He painted this in 1889.  The painting is an intimate portrait of his own room.  I took the liberty of changing it up just a tiny bit.  I straightened the pictures on the walls.  And placed his hat on the chair next to the bed. 
    And then, I started to wonder what this room would look like if a different artist lived there.

     What if Henri Matisse took up residence?  Would he decorate it like this?  The man loved patterns, and the human figure.  So, I took some of his works and incorporated them into the room. 

      What could Chagall do with this room?  He and his wife Bella might have decorated it this way.  Using his art to decorated the room, along with the violin he used in many of his pieces, it turns into quite a cheerful room!

                    Have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vincent Van Gogh

    This is a photo of several books I have about Vincent Van Gogh.  One of the comments that students would often make is, "oh, ya...isn't he the guy that cut off his ear?"  There has been an extensive study by two historians.  They spent ten years, looking at police records, witness accounts and looking through Vincents letters, to and from his brother, Theo.   They draw a different conclusion. 
     At the time of the accident, Gauguin, another artist who was staying with Vincent at the time, and left quickly after the accident, was a fencing pro.  Their relationship was very volatile.  Could he have cut Vincent in a rage?  When  the air had cleared, did they both agree to hush up the situation?     

     This is a sculpture I did of Vincent, based on a drawing of him that was done by Toulouse-Lautrec.  The sculpture is constructed from newspaper, and cardboard.  With a papier mache of several layers, and painted to resemble bronze. 
     People familiar with the "ear" story, often ask if I put both ears on this sculpture.  I am happy to report that I did, indeed, put both ears on his head!  


Monday, March 25, 2013

The Man Who Loved Yellow

A Special Week of Van Goghism's

            I have always admired this mans work.  His influence on my own work, and my teaching career has been a wonderful journey.  The work that Vincent Van Gogh did through out his life was very diverse.  His subjects ranged from still life to portraits to landscapes.  Nothing was to escape his keen eye, as to what would be a good subject.  Even a pair of old shoes.

             I hope you will travel along with me and Vincent this week as I will share my thoughts on his art work and his life.  Contrary to some of the beliefs about this artist, in my studies,I have come across some interesting history that contradicts the assumptions made over time.

             This is a crocheted character of Vincent Van Gogh I made.  He stands about  14 inches tall.  The background is cloth and paper, with a rock added under the tree. 

           Look for something yellow today!!                                                            

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fashionable Friday

      Bonjour!  We will have a fashion show today.  Our model is the lovely, Zara.  Her costume is a neat little double-breasted red jacket, with a trim of black and white.  Her black skirt is full length, and is also trimmed with a black and white motif, to draw the eye up and down, this sharp little day suit.  To complete the attire, she is sporting a neat little red hat, trimmed with black tulle, and a floral bit added with a touch of that  gorgeous red fabric.

        As Zara turns away, we can see the flattering tails of her jacket, and the cinched-in waist area.  The addition of the black and white trim, with red buttons, makes this a truly flattering suit to wear.

                              Au revoir!  Zara would like to thank you for stopping by today!

   The construction of this character doll is exactly the same one I used in making Ella Nora, the Elephant.  Zara stands about 11" high.  The rest of the details are posted on "Ella Nora, the Elephant".

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zara the Zebra and Op Art

          Today's  Art Tour will be guided by the lovely Zara the Zebra.  She is an admirer of the modern arts from the 1960's.  The Op Art, or Optical Art really moves her, and it's all very groovy!

           Zara loves the paintings for their ability to appear to be moving.  As she studies the lines in the work, she walks back and forth in front of the lovely black and white paintings.
           The urge to run and kick up her heels needed to be suppressed in the quiet rooms of the art museum.  Later in the afternoon, she would change into her running clothes,  hit the track at the health club, and run with the herd. 


                                                                                         Hope your day is peachy-keen!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ginger and the Modigliani Portraits.

        Today's Art Tour will be with the lovely, Ginger the Giraffe.  She currently holds the office of treasurer of the Gallery Gals.  Her choice for today's artist is Amedeo Modigliani.  Ginger adores the portraits that he is so well known for.  His work was influenced by African Art, which was quite obvious to Ginger right from the get-go.

       What really turned her head, and what she really appreciated about his work, were the elongated portraits he did.  She felt somehow, the artist understood her on a very personal level. 

        Her "art fantasy", is to go back in time, meet Modigliani, and have him paint her portrait.

                          Hope you enjoyed today's little art tour!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ella Nora, the Elephant

Ella Nora, the Elephant.  A distinguished member of the Gallery Gals.  Currently holds the title of President and community promoter of all the Arts.

    Ella is a character doll I made.  I used a pop bottle as the structure, filled with some aquarium pebbles, and cotton batting for weight.   The cotton batting was then added to the bottle to fill out the figures curves. A stryfoam ball and a wooden dowel were used to create the head.  Using paperclay I sculpted the head, and adding a chenille pipe cleaner for the trunk and ears, I used the paper clay to add the facial features.Ella stands about 10" high, and is suitably weighted with the stones, so she won't tip over.

   The costume is, floral fabric for her skirt, and felt was used to make her coat and matching hat.  The skirt is tucked under to extenuate her curvaceous bottom.

   Pearls were used to accessorise her lovely ensemble.  The hat is an original design, with the addition of more pearls.  The earrings and necklace bring out the lovely color of her tusks.

                                             Thank You, for stopping in today!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Gallery Gals

            Introducing, "The Gallery Gals."  This group meets, goes to an art show, and they have discussions about the art that each of them prefer.  Ginger the Giraffe, Ella Nora the Elephant and Zara the Zebra, hope you will tag along, and enjoy the shows, as much as they do. 

            Ella Nora is the President of this little group of art admirers, so she will happily show you her first and only choice.  Monet, the great impressionists who painted haystacks, dozens and dozens of them, in all kinds of weather.  He captured the different lights and colors in such a delicious manner, that it nearly leaves her breathless.

           As she gazes at the colors, the plump, little paintings, of all that delicious hay......Ella Nora hopes the other gals are ready for an early lunch.  She's suddenly, quite hungry!

           Happy Art Looking, You, Art Looker, You!!:)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Art from Books

Six more altered book pieces.
I also used beautiful art paper to enhance the surfaces of these pieces.

    That's it for altered books for now.  I never, say never....I may just get back into this grove again someday.  For now, it's fun having these displayed on either side of the flat screen TV, we have in our bedroom.

                                                                                Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Red Book and Phone Books

        This is another altered book.  I purchased it from a discount table.  The title was something about red rooms, so the pictures throughout were all in a red theme.  I read it, drooled over the great photography, and then I decided it would make an interesting wall sculpture.  The center of this piece is the red book, and the two shapes on either side were other books added to it.  I had some old pen nibs that I added, along with some pieces of cork.  This measures about 24" x 10".

     This is a series I did several years ago, using phone books, the pages are a really nice weight, and fold into many different shapes and forms.  The cost, absolutely free.  The repetitive folding can be very meditative as well.  It's always good to find that happy place! 

                                                                                 Hope you find your happy place today!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Collaboration in Metal

           This is a landscape that Ed and I made from metal pieces.  He cut, I made the placements of the pieces, he would let me know if it was possible to do with a welder.  Then, we would make adjustments accordingly, and he would weld it together.  This one we left outside hanging on a shed for a period of time to get that really nice rusty look. That just about drove Ed his book that's  But, he came around to it's beautiful coloration, and found a sealer that could be sprayed on to keep it that way.   This one hangs in our dining room.  Collaboration is an interesting way to create art.

                                                                            Thanks for stopping by!  :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Speedy Smiley

       Smiley the Clown, will drive his speedy car down this road.  How fast?  He said, "I'll bury the needle!"

    Meanwhile, Super Sock Girl will fly from a designated distance to give Smiley time to get his car up to a high speed.  Then, Super Sock Girl will attempt to catch up to Smiley, and safely land in his speeding car.


                                       Super Sock Girl comes into view, go faster, Smiley!!

Whoa!!  Smooth landing, SSG!!!

                                                            Let's do it again!!!!              
                                                        Oh, you crazy kids:) !!!

                                                                                    Have a Smiley kinda Day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hawaiian Dream Girl

Hell-o Rita!!  How are the days in sunny Hawaii??  You look marvelous, so glad you sent this photo.

     I would send one back to you, but I am sitting here with a sweater and hat on.  It's 23, and windy.  Winter doesn't want to cooperate, and make an exit just yet.  Maybe, I'll go snowshoeing, or ice fishing.  No, I'll probably curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book. 

    Love the pink swim suit, and matching sandals.  And is that a blue bow in your hair?  You, little darling, thanks for the photo, and enjoy that wonderful sunshine!!

            Rita is a small figure, created with needling felting, she stands about 7 1/2".   The backdrop is the calendar, I have in my studio.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A True Story

      Once upon a time, I held a new digital camera in my hand.  The possibilities seemed endless, zooming out, focusing within 12 " of object...flash on, flash off, multiple images placed on one tiny inconsequential plastic piece.  Down loaded, printed at my I merrily pursued taking pictures, the unthinkable happened.
      The cruel world placed a slab of concrete exactly where I lost my gripe...and watched as the tiny bit of technology, tumbled and spun into the air.  I heard the sound of plastic shatter and scatter across that gray hard terrain.....aaahhhhhh....noooo...!

      That little container of magic, burst open and exposed all it's glorious secrets, never to be able to function properly again.   I meditated, on one word, I gathered up the multicolored plastic.

      SUDDENLY....I realized, that this had possibilities...focus, focus...get the glue gun!

          " I am currently unsupervised, the possibilities are endless."  I read that somewhere.

                                                    I hope you can find a little unsupervised time in your day!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Naughty Nigel or Wild Wednesday!

   Nigel...what have you got there? it...hand it over. NOW!   Don't do that, your holding it all careful....I am going to say this one more ...FLASH!   FLASH!   FLASH! you did it.  I'm posting'll see how silly you look....naughty monster!!! 

                                                         Give me the

                                                          Naughty Monster, Nigel!

                                                     ME HANDSOME.....OH YA AH!!!  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Topsy-Turvey Tuesday

             This is Polly. She loves to polish, polish, polish until all things are bright and shiny!        

                               This is Molly.  She loves to lolly, lolly, lolly all the day long!!

                                 Oh! My!  The girls are topsy-turvy on a wintry Tuesday morning!

    I decided to try to make a doll based on this idea of two in one.  From the research I came across, this was a popular idea in the 1800's, and especially in the South.  A recent doll publication I read, had several examples of this idea.  Alice in Wonderland with the Queen, Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf, and one of my favorites was Frida Kahlo and Dia delos Muertos.   I love to crochet!

                                                 Hope your day is on an even-keel!

   PS: The drawing behind Polly is a scratch art project that my granddaughter did in school.  She's got talent, nice work, Hannah!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Wedding Bells over the Weekend

           The ceremony took place on the O'Spool Estate, Saturday at 2 in the afternoon.  The weather cooperated, as it always does on the special occasions.  A great many of the family were in attendance to witness the ceremony. 
           The bride, Pearl, wore a lovely black satin dress trimmed in ribbons and pearls.  The groom, Rayon, wore a new suit for this special day.

     The brides little cousin, Lacy, wore a lovely pink gown, with a white ribbon in her hair; purchased in Paris, France.  The gazebo is a traditional place for the marriage to take place, and a short walk back to the mansion provided everyone with a sumptuous dinner, followed by a 3 tiered cake.  

   The family gathered for the blessing of the bride and groom, before they left on their honeymoon.

            God's Blessings, and a Happy Life to Rayon and his lovely bride, Pearl!
                                             Hope your Monday is a lovely day! 

                          The O'Spools want to Thank You, for stopping in today!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Super Sock Girl Adventure

OK... Maybe it had something to do with the full moon this past week, whatever it was, Super Sock Girl was quite pushy, about me, creating her a pal, side-kick, a chum, to hang out with.  She sat with the pins, and the needles, rolled the thread around, and brandished the scissors in a way that told me, I had better listen.   So, I did.

    She was hovering around, and watching every step.  And she even insisted on certain accessories being a part of this adventure.  So, here he is, her pal, chum, sidekick.

    He is a funny guy!!  Also, comes with his own wheels, and he loves to go ..........F..A...S..T!!!
        Super Sock girl loves a guy with a sense of humor, a great wardrobe, and a cool car!!

   There, he goes.....Smiley ,the Sock Clown....heading into the weekend....hope yours is fun-filled, and you have a chance to clown around!   Ya-hoo, it's Friday!