Thursday, March 7, 2013

A True Story

      Once upon a time, I held a new digital camera in my hand.  The possibilities seemed endless, zooming out, focusing within 12 " of object...flash on, flash off, multiple images placed on one tiny inconsequential plastic piece.  Down loaded, printed at my I merrily pursued taking pictures, the unthinkable happened.
      The cruel world placed a slab of concrete exactly where I lost my gripe...and watched as the tiny bit of technology, tumbled and spun into the air.  I heard the sound of plastic shatter and scatter across that gray hard terrain.....aaahhhhhh....noooo...!

      That little container of magic, burst open and exposed all it's glorious secrets, never to be able to function properly again.   I meditated, on one word, I gathered up the multicolored plastic.

      SUDDENLY....I realized, that this had possibilities...focus, focus...get the glue gun!

          " I am currently unsupervised, the possibilities are endless."  I read that somewhere.

                                                    I hope you can find a little unsupervised time in your day!

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