Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ella Nora, the Elephant

Ella Nora, the Elephant.  A distinguished member of the Gallery Gals.  Currently holds the title of President and community promoter of all the Arts.

    Ella is a character doll I made.  I used a pop bottle as the structure, filled with some aquarium pebbles, and cotton batting for weight.   The cotton batting was then added to the bottle to fill out the figures curves. A stryfoam ball and a wooden dowel were used to create the head.  Using paperclay I sculpted the head, and adding a chenille pipe cleaner for the trunk and ears, I used the paper clay to add the facial features.Ella stands about 10" high, and is suitably weighted with the stones, so she won't tip over.

   The costume is, floral fabric for her skirt, and felt was used to make her coat and matching hat.  The skirt is tucked under to extenuate her curvaceous bottom.

   Pearls were used to accessorise her lovely ensemble.  The hat is an original design, with the addition of more pearls.  The earrings and necklace bring out the lovely color of her tusks.

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