Friday, March 22, 2013

Fashionable Friday

      Bonjour!  We will have a fashion show today.  Our model is the lovely, Zara.  Her costume is a neat little double-breasted red jacket, with a trim of black and white.  Her black skirt is full length, and is also trimmed with a black and white motif, to draw the eye up and down, this sharp little day suit.  To complete the attire, she is sporting a neat little red hat, trimmed with black tulle, and a floral bit added with a touch of that  gorgeous red fabric.

        As Zara turns away, we can see the flattering tails of her jacket, and the cinched-in waist area.  The addition of the black and white trim, with red buttons, makes this a truly flattering suit to wear.

                              Au revoir!  Zara would like to thank you for stopping by today!

   The construction of this character doll is exactly the same one I used in making Ella Nora, the Elephant.  Zara stands about 11" high.  The rest of the details are posted on "Ella Nora, the Elephant".

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  1. What a fantastic week! A fashion show and an art tour, those ladies have very keen art sense. It's intriguing how they find art that really speaks to each of them on a mental and physical level. Great show ladies, where to next on the tour?