Thursday, March 14, 2013

Red Book and Phone Books

        This is another altered book.  I purchased it from a discount table.  The title was something about red rooms, so the pictures throughout were all in a red theme.  I read it, drooled over the great photography, and then I decided it would make an interesting wall sculpture.  The center of this piece is the red book, and the two shapes on either side were other books added to it.  I had some old pen nibs that I added, along with some pieces of cork.  This measures about 24" x 10".

     This is a series I did several years ago, using phone books, the pages are a really nice weight, and fold into many different shapes and forms.  The cost, absolutely free.  The repetitive folding can be very meditative as well.  It's always good to find that happy place! 

                                                                                 Hope you find your happy place today!

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