Friday, March 1, 2013

Super Sock Girl Adventure

OK... Maybe it had something to do with the full moon this past week, whatever it was, Super Sock Girl was quite pushy, about me, creating her a pal, side-kick, a chum, to hang out with.  She sat with the pins, and the needles, rolled the thread around, and brandished the scissors in a way that told me, I had better listen.   So, I did.

    She was hovering around, and watching every step.  And she even insisted on certain accessories being a part of this adventure.  So, here he is, her pal, chum, sidekick.

    He is a funny guy!!  Also, comes with his own wheels, and he loves to go ..........F..A...S..T!!!
        Super Sock girl loves a guy with a sense of humor, a great wardrobe, and a cool car!!

   There, he goes.....Smiley ,the Sock Clown....heading into the weekend....hope yours is fun-filled, and you have a chance to clown around!   Ya-hoo, it's Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Hey there Smiley, welcome to the world! Enjoy your new adventures in the studio.