Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Bedroom Redecorated

A Watercolor of Van Gogh's Bedroom

    This is a watercolor study I did of Van Gogh's bedroom.  He painted this in 1889.  The painting is an intimate portrait of his own room.  I took the liberty of changing it up just a tiny bit.  I straightened the pictures on the walls.  And placed his hat on the chair next to the bed. 
    And then, I started to wonder what this room would look like if a different artist lived there.

     What if Henri Matisse took up residence?  Would he decorate it like this?  The man loved patterns, and the human figure.  So, I took some of his works and incorporated them into the room. 

      What could Chagall do with this room?  He and his wife Bella might have decorated it this way.  Using his art to decorated the room, along with the violin he used in many of his pieces, it turns into quite a cheerful room!

                    Have a nice day!

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