Monday, March 18, 2013

The Gallery Gals

            Introducing, "The Gallery Gals."  This group meets, goes to an art show, and they have discussions about the art that each of them prefer.  Ginger the Giraffe, Ella Nora the Elephant and Zara the Zebra, hope you will tag along, and enjoy the shows, as much as they do. 

            Ella Nora is the President of this little group of art admirers, so she will happily show you her first and only choice.  Monet, the great impressionists who painted haystacks, dozens and dozens of them, in all kinds of weather.  He captured the different lights and colors in such a delicious manner, that it nearly leaves her breathless.

           As she gazes at the colors, the plump, little paintings, of all that delicious hay......Ella Nora hopes the other gals are ready for an early lunch.  She's suddenly, quite hungry!

           Happy Art Looking, You, Art Looker, You!!:)

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