Friday, March 29, 2013

The Humble Chair

The Chair Study

       This is a study of Van Gogh's chair I painted in acrylic.  He placed his pipe and tobacco on the seat.  It's a very humble chair.  He also painted a picture of another chair representing his friend, Gauguin.  That chair is a different style, more fancy, I suppose. 

        I wondered what it would look like if I painted my chair in the style of Van Gogh.  After attempting this painting, I found several other artists had the same idea.

       I decided to use the same style of chair, just change the color and add an orange, and a box of oranges rather then onions, as Van Gogh had done.  (I love oranges!) 

      The last book I read about Van Gogh was "The Life", it was a huge tomb of a book.  Mostly it was so honest and truthful that it was a difficult read.  Hollywood version of "Lust for Life" was a very beautiful film, well done....but sugar coated his difficulties.  The interesting thing about the book was the ending....did Vincent commit suicide?  The book gives a very good argument, that maybe his death was brought on by other circumstances. 

       If you want to know more, and not read the book, e-mail me, and I will fill you in!

                           Happy Friday....Good Friday!

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