Monday, March 25, 2013

The Man Who Loved Yellow

A Special Week of Van Goghism's

            I have always admired this mans work.  His influence on my own work, and my teaching career has been a wonderful journey.  The work that Vincent Van Gogh did through out his life was very diverse.  His subjects ranged from still life to portraits to landscapes.  Nothing was to escape his keen eye, as to what would be a good subject.  Even a pair of old shoes.

             I hope you will travel along with me and Vincent this week as I will share my thoughts on his art work and his life.  Contrary to some of the beliefs about this artist, in my studies,I have come across some interesting history that contradicts the assumptions made over time.

             This is a crocheted character of Vincent Van Gogh I made.  He stands about  14 inches tall.  The background is cloth and paper, with a rock added under the tree. 

           Look for something yellow today!!                                                            

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