Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vincent Van Gogh's Flower

Passion for the Sunflower!

         This is an acrylic painting I did.  I studied, and painted this, from one of Van Gogh's works.  To really look and then replicate his brush strokes and colors was quite an interesting process.  This one is called 14 Sunflowers, and I believe he painted it in about 1889.  He painted several pictures of the same vase of flowers, just switching the background color, and observing the dynamics of a living plant.
         This master-study, was a big help to me in teaching the how's of painting to my students.  I had to practice what I preached!  Thanks Vincent, you were a wonderful teacher.

        This is another acrylic painting I did.  I wanted to create a composition, with the sunflowers, but also add a portrait of Vincent .  Using his favorite yellows, and incorporating his homey chair, and blue door, I show the artist stepping out to accomplish another painting somewhere in the sun drenched landscape of Arles, France.  I call this "Homage to Vincent".

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