Monday, March 4, 2013

Wedding Bells over the Weekend

           The ceremony took place on the O'Spool Estate, Saturday at 2 in the afternoon.  The weather cooperated, as it always does on the special occasions.  A great many of the family were in attendance to witness the ceremony. 
           The bride, Pearl, wore a lovely black satin dress trimmed in ribbons and pearls.  The groom, Rayon, wore a new suit for this special day.

     The brides little cousin, Lacy, wore a lovely pink gown, with a white ribbon in her hair; purchased in Paris, France.  The gazebo is a traditional place for the marriage to take place, and a short walk back to the mansion provided everyone with a sumptuous dinner, followed by a 3 tiered cake.  

   The family gathered for the blessing of the bride and groom, before they left on their honeymoon.

            God's Blessings, and a Happy Life to Rayon and his lovely bride, Pearl!
                                             Hope your Monday is a lovely day! 

                          The O'Spools want to Thank You, for stopping in today!!

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