Monday, April 1, 2013

Aquatic Lady

Studio Project

          This is a character doll that I started making.  With a small coke bottle, some aquarium rocks, batting, and paper clay.  I used a Styrofoam ball for inside the head, and added the clay to it.  Chenille pipe cleaners work quite nicely for the hands and arms.

        I covered the body with batting, as well as the arms.  I have been calling her, "Fish Face".  Adding the color and costume is the next step.


       Finding this rainbow colored tulle, and a vintage earring for her broach really set off the colors I used on her face and hands.  I painted right over the pipe cleaner hands, and it looks rather scale-like. 

     This  is her "close-up" she insisted on.  And, she has also let me know quite clearly that she resents the nick name of "Fish Face".  Any regal aquatic names would be greatly appreciated from you.  I seem to be stuck on the other, which I don't even dare to say out loud anymore. 

      Happily Blogging Here!   :)

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