Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Frida Kahlo

     "Hola."     This is a character crocheted doll of Frida Kahlo.  She is well known for her self portraits, and turbulent relationship with another artist, Diego.  She lived in Mexico from 1907-1954.  I purchased her diary that was published in 1995.  Interesting and visual book, more like an art journal.         

      I crocheted her a couple months ago, and stood her up next to this vintage coffee can, I purchased at an antique store.  The can is full of broken and discarded crayons.  The basket next to the can, is one that I wove about 10 years ago, out of electrical wire.  The circular box is a book that opens up with a ribbon attached to the circle pages.  There are only pictures, so the "reader" makes up the story.   I have alot of fun....don't I?       :0     

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