Monday, April 8, 2013

The Hand-Made Blue Knitted Socks

          Good  Monday Morning!!   This is a pair of handmade knitted socks.   My Mother made these for my Father.  His feet were quite cold to the touch, as he rested in the nursing home.  She gathered the yarn and the four needles it takes to knit a sock, and went to work to remedy the situation.  I didn't know she knew how to knit socks.   As she worked her magic with those four needles, she quickly finished and placed these warm cozy socks on his feet.   

           After all these years, I've kept them.  There was so much love in this dear, pair of socks...that I finally decided what I could do with them, besides keep them in the drawer.     (The basket with all the sewing stuff in it, was made by my Grandfather, Henry Proffit.... that's another story.)  Tune in on Wednesday, and I'll show you what I made!!

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