Thursday, April 11, 2013

Woolly and Buster

     A little bit of wool made into a woolly mimmoth (that's a small version of a mammoth).  This little guy is so small he can easily walk across a dollar, in no less then five whole minutes.  He is not real fast.  In fact, his slowness nearly caused him his life. 
     While working in the studio one day, I noticed he had disappeared from the counter.  As I looked all around, I spotted my cat Buster, frantically kicking something.  That something was the little Woolly.  I quickly rescued him from the paws of my cat.  One leg was slightly askew, and still to this day is a tiny bit shorter then his other legs.  He walks with a gimp, after the cat-astrophy.     I keep him inside the cupboard in a safe and cozy place now.    May you have a cozy and safe place to be today!

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