Friday, April 5, 2013

Zara and Ella Nora: The Gallery Gals

       Zara and Ella Nora are looking at a delicious summer painting by Monet today.  A Friday is a good day to visit the gallery.  They both take deep breathes as they contemplate all the lovely colors.  And that blue, blue sky.  They can almost feel that soft warm summer breeze coming across that open field of green.
       Zara stopped in front of the cathedral painting.  Finding it inspirational on many levels today.  She  caught up with Ella Nora in front of a cityscape.  The hustle and bustle of the scene causing quite a bit of excitement at the anticipation of the weekend rolling in.

    The girls hope that your weekend is fun-filled and Ella Nora heads back to the haystack paintings, and the lovely pond paintings of Monet.   She secretly wishes to bath in the lily ponds of Giverney, on a moon lite night, in absolutely nothing but her birthday suit!     :)

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