Friday, May 31, 2013

Polly Esther Never Fades

            A non-traditional quilt.  Made back in 1993...20 years ago.  I can still remember making this fun portrait quilt.  It's about a twin size, and made of polyester..totally.  At the time I was a member of a quilt club, and there was a great deal of discussion about traditional quilts being made of 100% cotton.  And then, my  "art-heart " went, "but what if", I used only a synthetic fabric? 

            I can remember my sister coming up with the name for this quilt, and so I added it to the
design.   And, twenty years later, this quilt is just as it was, the day I made it.     :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prince Phillip

    Hello, my name is Phillip.  I am a paper clay and wire figure, approximately 14" tall.  I am dressed in a conventional Victorian swimsuit.  Ready for a day at the seashore. And a lovely day it is indeed!

    Can you see her?  That is my pride and joy floating out there on that blue sea.  My yacht, fondly called the "Little Queen".  She is actually quite large in comparison to the other ships.  Yes, that's the one, the large long sleek one.  My home, away from home.

     Well, it's been jolly chatting with you.  So, have a pleasant day, old mate.  Don't forget, put both oars in the water and you'll get there sooner.  For tea...of course.  Cheerio!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adam, The Real Boy

    Good Morning!   This is baby Adam.  He arrived just the other day.   I came across this fabric in the stash and decided it would make a good character.  I grabbed the scissors, and started cutting.  He  is all boy...curious thing about boy dolls...there is no doubt that this is a boy!  In my studio, it's good to be real.

   Adam, and his favorite teddy bear, Radar.  I made the teddy bear from needle felting, it has jointed arms and legs.

                        Keep it Real People.  Make it a good day (:  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Purple Yellow Faced Scrapper Bird

    The birds are back and in full wonderful to hear them once again!!  This little purple scrapper is a felted character I worked on recently.  Adding to my flock of birds, I am hoping to have them on display somewhere on the home place.

             Hope your week is off to a good start....and you can enjoy the view from there!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Lost on Earth!

   OK, BLINK, if I understand you, ???   You are lost here on earth?  You're just lost...period.   SO...BLINK...I am going to describe you for the readers here...OK?    She's about 14" tall, and very thin.  She's wearing a type of uniform, with a reflective material covering her arms and legs.  There seems to be a sort of metal part attached to her head, and similar pieces are also found on her feet?? shoes??  And also  two on her chest.  What these are for is still quite unclear.  But, she truly seems to be lost...taking a right turn by some odd looking planet, she ended up here in my studio.

  Well, we have made some progress in our ability to communicate...hopefully on another day she will be able to tell us more about herself and where she's from.   Until then...enjoy the journey..where ever it takes you, my friends and family! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


        This is BLINK, I call her that because she doesn't blink.....the communication has been difficult, so I gave her that name.  The planet she comes from is quite obscure, and the name, unpronounceable.  

     As we get to know one another better, her story will unfold...but for now...BLINK....won't!

                   Have an "interesting" day....and don't forget to blink....   :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hannah's Handbag

     Hannah's Handbag was made from Grandpa's old jeans and a splash of Grandma's crocheted flowers.

             With a touch of whimsical fabric for a cheerful lining, and a bit of velcro to secure the lip gloss and other incidentals every girl needs on the go, the bag is ready for a day into town!

     There is even a handy pocket for that phone, and some change, too!  So fun to make this!!

                                                        I hope your day is blooming!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Joy" is Altered Books!

    This is another altered book.  I used the covers from an antique album, taking the worn and ugly pages out of it, the covers proved to be worthy of a face lift.  Fortunately the clasps were both still on the book, so I used those for the hanger. 

   Adding some pretty papers, and a quote I found in an art magazine.  It proved to be a "joy" to make.  I hope you have a good day, my dear family and friends!   :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pine, Oak and Maple Music Boxes

   This is a music box that Ed built.  He used pine boards harvested from our place.  I took my handy dandy burning tool to it and created the white pines on it.  It has a rich deeper tone to it when you strum those 4 strings.  The copper adds a nice look to the fret board.
                                                  This is a close up of the pine box.

                  This is an oak box he made.  The grain is so pretty we decided it just needed a nice glossy finish added to it.  After many layers, it looks beautiful.  And sounds different than the pine box.  Sweet.

   Ed made a box from maple.  It has a nice bird's eye surface.  Not to busy, just enough to look good.  Again, the surface was very pretty, and so I added a maple leaf to the fret board.

   There is music to be made on these instruments!  Hickory boards are waiting in the shop for Ed to get started on soon.  Happy trails, you music lovers out there!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Artists Trading Cards

       Starting on January 2, 2005 I started a new art project.  Creating small works of art on a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 " card of sturdy material...cardboard, watercolor paper......I painted, glued, and drew my way through 2,000 cards.   

    It only took; 7 years, 3 months and 13 days!  I sporadically worked on these little gems through the years.  They would be a quick fix to a need to create.  This idea  of creating the little Artists Trading Cards started in 1996 by an artist in Zurich, Switzerland.   With the web, artists caught on to this idea, and that's how I got addicted to the process.

                I am celebrating the end of the Artists Trading Card saga.  Life is so good in the studio!!)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Refrigerator Art

     Hello Everyone!   Here is a fun little project that I did.  My daughter brought over a bag full of these tiny tins.  She gathered them up at a friends house, with the idea that I might want to do something with them.  And so I did, refrigerator magnets that can have a "sweet" look, a nice message, and a hidden gift of candy or a memento for someone special.

    Inside I glued some vintage photos, and a bit of magnetic strip on the back, and it's set to go on top of the art gallery in the kitchen!

   Ta-Dah!!  Refrigerator Art.       A basket of love sent off to you on this May Day!    Audrey