Friday, May 17, 2013

Lost on Earth!

   OK, BLINK, if I understand you, ???   You are lost here on earth?  You're just lost...period.   SO...BLINK...I am going to describe you for the readers here...OK?    She's about 14" tall, and very thin.  She's wearing a type of uniform, with a reflective material covering her arms and legs.  There seems to be a sort of metal part attached to her head, and similar pieces are also found on her feet?? shoes??  And also  two on her chest.  What these are for is still quite unclear.  But, she truly seems to be lost...taking a right turn by some odd looking planet, she ended up here in my studio.

  Well, we have made some progress in our ability to communicate...hopefully on another day she will be able to tell us more about herself and where she's from.   Until then...enjoy the journey..where ever it takes you, my friends and family! 

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