Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pine, Oak and Maple Music Boxes

   This is a music box that Ed built.  He used pine boards harvested from our place.  I took my handy dandy burning tool to it and created the white pines on it.  It has a rich deeper tone to it when you strum those 4 strings.  The copper adds a nice look to the fret board.
                                                  This is a close up of the pine box.

                  This is an oak box he made.  The grain is so pretty we decided it just needed a nice glossy finish added to it.  After many layers, it looks beautiful.  And sounds different than the pine box.  Sweet.

   Ed made a box from maple.  It has a nice bird's eye surface.  Not to busy, just enough to look good.  Again, the surface was very pretty, and so I added a maple leaf to the fret board.

   There is music to be made on these instruments!  Hickory boards are waiting in the shop for Ed to get started on soon.  Happy trails, you music lovers out there!

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