Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Refrigerator Art

     Hello Everyone!   Here is a fun little project that I did.  My daughter brought over a bag full of these tiny tins.  She gathered them up at a friends house, with the idea that I might want to do something with them.  And so I did, refrigerator magnets that can have a "sweet" look, a nice message, and a hidden gift of candy or a memento for someone special.

    Inside I glued some vintage photos, and a bit of magnetic strip on the back, and it's set to go on top of the art gallery in the kitchen!

   Ta-Dah!!  Refrigerator Art.       A basket of love sent off to you on this May Day!    Audrey


  1. How fun! I've started a collection of mini Altoids cases (thought it was a waste to throw them away) but I couldn't think of what to do with them. I love what you've done with these :D

  2. Cool idea, let me know if you need magnets :)