Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Music Boxes from Wisconsin

       Hickory music box was completed, with a stand as well.  Ed made this recently, loving the grain of the wood we decided to let it shine.  It's the heaviest so far, but the sound it makes is quite rich.
                                             Beautiful grain lines, don't you think?

    This is one made of poplar, and I burned into the surface, with my handy dandy wood burning tool.  I couldn't resist the rose theme, and of course naming it "Rosebud" seemed appropriate, too.  She's a sweet sounding music box.

      These boxes are inspired by the Tennessee Music Boxes from the late 1800's.  Ed fusses them up quite abit, and I do my fun part when the box needs a little dressing up.  Our collaboration efforts are alot of fun!

                       Make some music today, whistle, snap your fingers, tap your toes, life is good!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

House Tour: Day 2

   Thanks for dropping in today.  Yesterday, we took a tour of this little foam board and paper mache house.  Today, we will visit the attic, and see just what kind of person would live in such  a building.

                  A fan of Vermeer, it seems.  And they are pointing the way.  Touring on!

     Someone likes to collect vintage milk cans.  There is a funny mirror above them, looks like something from a carnival, slightly distorted.  Posters up on the ceiling look like Japanese works.  And,  there is that box containing a passport, and some cash.  A traveler perhaps?  Or a wish to travel? 

     The occupant of this little abode, is a little sentimental as well.  Notice the gingham blue over-sized teddy bear, resting next to the chair.  On the chair is a box of crayons, a journal, and another cat sits next to it.


   House tours can be so fun.  Building little places like this is quite an adventure, discovering odd little things to fit.  Such as toothpaste covers, and castoff knickknacks.  Stencils and stickers work out as well. 

    UR WELCOME back anytime, as the little house displays in big letters.

                            Thanks for dropping in today!    :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

House Tour

I am procrastinating cleaning my big old farm house today..dear Mildred was built in 1912.  She's a grand old gal, and I love this house I've lived in for over 30 plus years.  I would just rather do a blog at the moment.

I am taking a diversion, as they say in England, and showing you a sweet little house I built several years ago.  Made of foam board, and paper mache.   

Let's take a tour, ok?   

                                                  Here is the living room, or great room.

                                         In the upstairs there is a bedroom, and a studio space.

                                             Looks like an abstract painting in the works.

              Well. let's leave by the front entrance.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Tomorrow we will take a peek at the attic.  Attics can be rather mysterious, don't you think?   Oops!   Don't let the cat out!  :)


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls

     Yard sale season can be a fruitful or fruitless passtime.   This spring, I stopped at a neighborhood sale.  A box marked "$1.00 for all" caught my attention.  A passing glance, and I saw several disheveled, broken little doll figures.

     Their condition probably had them headed for the trash, but sentiment must have saved the little cuties.  Seeing the potential I gathered up the box and paid the $1.00.


    At home, I discovered some of the 4 1/2"  figures were intact, their heads, with brown residue from the glue releasing the dingy wigs.  The original dresses and costumes were in need of some laundering, stitching, and pressing.

    Missing legs and arms, presented another problem, and so I sculpted new ones where one was needed.
 I did some research and found that these were Story Book Dolls, made in the USA, by a Nancy Ann Abbott in about 1945.

    The wigs for these two were a lost cause, and so the paint was applied to their little noggins, giving them a whole new look.

    Fresh washed wigs, and a tiny bit of brushing, and adornment, made these little gals look as good as new.

    Cleaned up, they look pretty darn cute once again.  I had alot of fun, and all for $1.00, a fruitful adventure.

                            Yard sales, here I come!!         

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Altered Book #3

          This is the third book I altered back in 2005.   I would start off with a random idea, and using different materials, papers, and images I attempted to do "different" themes on each page.

     The text I highlighted goes like this, "we ought to have a translation",  "I think", "that", "it was written", "in almost the same way as that quiet....singing".

    It's all in how you interpret it...sing your own song today.       ;)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mildred and Frederick

       Good Monday Morning!!   Today, I would like to show you a vintage photo I altered several years ago.  This couple looked quite pleased with each others company, and it got my mind to considering what kind of story their lives may have taken if they had dressed like this.

     The story goes like this....Mildred and Frederick wore their white faces and bright clothing everyday of their lives together.   They were a happy couple, married 42 years and invited to all the community events.
     Everyone knew they could always be counted on to be the life of any party.  Their juggling skills were amazing!!!

     May your Monday be amazing...and remember to clown around alittle today.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blink and Blue

                                   When two worlds collide, in this case, it's love, baby.

              The Blue Moon Man and Blink are getting acquainted, and have been found counting the stars at night.   Rather a cute couple, and they seem to have alot in common.  Having attended the Space Academy of Fine Arts, they plan on more creative adventures in the future.     (*.*)  

                          Happy star gazing to you!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sashay Rose

       Hey!!   Put a rose on it and get on with your day.  So, she did, and a day she had, with the sashay of the rose, as she walked along.   And every where that rose went, smiles followed.

      The scuttle butt about blogs my friends, is you have to have one in order to comment.  So, no blog?  I would love to hear from you, so "email".                         Wear a rose in your heart today.   :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lake Superiors Treasures

      Far away in a distant wooded area there is a quaint little cottage.  The cottage is filled with little friends, some I have had the opportunity to create, and some that I've come upon at various places in somewhat sad condition, and in need of some TLC.   
      Let's go inside and see who is willing to visit with us today.

     Ah...The Superior Girls.....these little gals are about 10" tall.  I made their bodies out of scraps of various blues and cream fabric.  Adding a bit of beading and a gulls feather from the shores of Lake Superior, I also added their faces from smooth stones found on the beach. 
     Gathering stones, and feathers along with an occasional drift wood piece is truly a wonderfully relaxing occupation.  One that I hope to do at least once a year, on a clear warm summer day.

    Hope you enjoy your day, take note of the little details that cross your path.    :)  Audrey