Tuesday, June 25, 2013

House Tour: Day 2

   Thanks for dropping in today.  Yesterday, we took a tour of this little foam board and paper mache house.  Today, we will visit the attic, and see just what kind of person would live in such  a building.

                  A fan of Vermeer, it seems.  And they are pointing the way.  Touring on!

     Someone likes to collect vintage milk cans.  There is a funny mirror above them, looks like something from a carnival, slightly distorted.  Posters up on the ceiling look like Japanese works.  And,  there is that box containing a passport, and some cash.  A traveler perhaps?  Or a wish to travel? 

     The occupant of this little abode, is a little sentimental as well.  Notice the gingham blue over-sized teddy bear, resting next to the chair.  On the chair is a box of crayons, a journal, and another cat sits next to it.


   House tours can be so fun.  Building little places like this is quite an adventure, discovering odd little things to fit.  Such as toothpaste covers, and castoff knickknacks.  Stencils and stickers work out as well. 

    UR WELCOME back anytime, as the little house displays in big letters.

                            Thanks for dropping in today!    :)

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