Monday, June 24, 2013

House Tour

I am procrastinating cleaning my big old farm house today..dear Mildred was built in 1912.  She's a grand old gal, and I love this house I've lived in for over 30 plus years.  I would just rather do a blog at the moment.

I am taking a diversion, as they say in England, and showing you a sweet little house I built several years ago.  Made of foam board, and paper mache.   

Let's take a tour, ok?   

                                                  Here is the living room, or great room.

                                         In the upstairs there is a bedroom, and a studio space.

                                             Looks like an abstract painting in the works.

              Well. let's leave by the front entrance.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Tomorrow we will take a peek at the attic.  Attics can be rather mysterious, don't you think?   Oops!   Don't let the cat out!  :)


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