Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lake Superiors Treasures

      Far away in a distant wooded area there is a quaint little cottage.  The cottage is filled with little friends, some I have had the opportunity to create, and some that I've come upon at various places in somewhat sad condition, and in need of some TLC.   
      Let's go inside and see who is willing to visit with us today.

     Ah...The Superior Girls.....these little gals are about 10" tall.  I made their bodies out of scraps of various blues and cream fabric.  Adding a bit of beading and a gulls feather from the shores of Lake Superior, I also added their faces from smooth stones found on the beach. 
     Gathering stones, and feathers along with an occasional drift wood piece is truly a wonderfully relaxing occupation.  One that I hope to do at least once a year, on a clear warm summer day.

    Hope you enjoy your day, take note of the little details that cross your path.    :)  Audrey

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