Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls

     Yard sale season can be a fruitful or fruitless passtime.   This spring, I stopped at a neighborhood sale.  A box marked "$1.00 for all" caught my attention.  A passing glance, and I saw several disheveled, broken little doll figures.

     Their condition probably had them headed for the trash, but sentiment must have saved the little cuties.  Seeing the potential I gathered up the box and paid the $1.00.


    At home, I discovered some of the 4 1/2"  figures were intact, their heads, with brown residue from the glue releasing the dingy wigs.  The original dresses and costumes were in need of some laundering, stitching, and pressing.

    Missing legs and arms, presented another problem, and so I sculpted new ones where one was needed.
 I did some research and found that these were Story Book Dolls, made in the USA, by a Nancy Ann Abbott in about 1945.

    The wigs for these two were a lost cause, and so the paint was applied to their little noggins, giving them a whole new look.

    Fresh washed wigs, and a tiny bit of brushing, and adornment, made these little gals look as good as new.

    Cleaned up, they look pretty darn cute once again.  I had alot of fun, and all for $1.00, a fruitful adventure.

                            Yard sales, here I come!!         

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