Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bird :) House

       I found these paper mache eggs and cones at a local craft store.  The 5" x 5" canvas is one of three, I picked up at Wally World, one day.  At the time of the purchases, on different days...I had no ideas as to what these little bits of stuff could be.  I just needed to buy some "stuff" to possibly play with, some day. So the other day while working in the studio, I came across these bits, and started to put them together.

      And there it is, a bird on a house.  "Bird : ) House."  It's hanging up on the bulletin board I have in the studio, next to the miniature banjo, and crocheted rose.  The sign below it comes from a breakfast cereal box.              "Smile" is the sign today, people!    :)

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