Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crow Shade Strikes Again!

    I ventured into the garden and decided it was a perfect place to do a little  "Granny Graffiti".  The weather was perfect, cool with a warm breeze, on a more then fine day, in June.

   Now that was a fun time!  It's like a temporary tattoo, only lasts as long as I want it to, and then, quietly picked up, before the rains come rolling in.  Doilies saved for another adventure.

    The Hostas' are doing great this year, and the rusted metal work adds a nice touch.  It's good to have a metal man in the work shop, thanks Ed!

     Think about creating some graffiti of your own.  Tiny bits of paper surrounding your computer, cascading down to the floor and into the hall.  People may consider you a little weird, but how fun is that?

    Crow Shade, signing off!   ;)

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