Monday, July 1, 2013

Granny Graffiti

  OK, I found a new art form....well, it's been around since 2004.  Graffiti, granny style.  No, I am not doing anything illegal, but I am having alot of FUN! 

      In the big wide world it's also called "yarn bombing," or "yarn storm."  Either one sounds abit to ominous for me.  I much prefer the term, "Grandma's Graffiti."  Well, enough talk, let's look at some work I've done so far.

     I hit the mail box with a stash of doilies, and I even whipped the ones off the furniture in the living room to use out here, a perfectly delightful project.  And, I even had the opportunity to meet a few neighbor ladies as they ventured by on their morning walks.
Top view of mail box.  I used some vintage potholders, too.

      Pure fun, and in broad daylight, too!!  As long as I stay on my property, I figure I am pretty safe.  Also, don't really want to lose any of my doilies....I just may have to do some more of this graffiti stuff!!

    Walk on the wild side today, just keep it legal, people.    

   PS   My graffiti tag is "Crow Shade,"  don't tell anyone....Ha-Ha-Ha!!!!