Monday, July 15, 2013

Martin the Martian

         Martin the Martian, quickly scrambled to get away from the laboratory.  Desperately seeking a way to get back to his home planet, he paused momentarily to have his photo taken.   

         He always was taken in by the local paparazzi.  It was the cameras that really intrigued the little blue guy from Mars.   The humans were ok, but just a tiny bit frightening, too.

     Martin quickly headed into the forest, avoiding the security guards, as the camera people caused a slight diversion to let the little guy escape.

             Martin the Martian, is a puppet, made out of a soft blue fabric, with glass eyes, found in the button box.  His glowing teeth are made of white and silver beads.  And those adorable shoes are from a stash of doll shoes I found at an antique shop.  His little lab gown is a find in the infant department, at Wally World.
         He stands about 14", and is just a whole lotta' fun to play with!

                                               Hope you have an extra-special-kind-of-day!!

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