Monday, July 29, 2013

The Artz Toys Museum

         Welcome to the Museum!!   I have this little building on our property.  Ed built it for me back in 2010.  I've had a great deal of fun since then putting up shows, rearranging my art work, displays of what ever was currently in my head.  This spring I decided to bring out some toys I have saved from my childhood.  And, some of the toys I have made over the years.  I love toys.  I walk into this little building and I find.....JOY!
         So..this week, we will do a tour of my museum...come on in!

         This is a shelf of all my childhood toys.  There is Roxanne, on the left.  A teddy bear in soft blue, turns out it's a cat...I old I don't even remember it's name any more.  So I gave it a new name, "Teddy the Cat."  The fabric doll in a blue suit was a gift from my Grandmother.  I washed her and restuffed her, as her stuffing was a very old cotton batting.  There's Barbie and her beau Ken, along with Skipper.  Penny Bright in the red dress, sitting down.  And, of course "Chatty Brother" and his little sister.  Their speaking days are truly over, as the pull strings no longer work.
         There are several treasures on this shelf, I won't go into their history.  But, what good memories I have of their companionship, in years past.

                May you find joy today.....<3.....Happy B-Day, Hiedi!!!

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