Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Real Identity of Goldilocks!

    Everyone thinks they know the story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Here to enlighten you is the real Goldilocks.  She has her side to tell.

   "I have been in trouble, for breaking and entering.  And my real name is Franzee, not Goldilocks!  I've done my time, and now I want a new start, a new story....ok?"

   "I think I am entitled to a new start, a new story, a new beginning.  Stupid bears shouldn't have left the door unlocked.  And, that fantastic porridge, with just a touch of cinnamon.....the smell, the texture...it was just tooooo...much!!!"

  "Is that cinnamon I smell?  Are your doors locked?"

       Franzee is a puppet, she's about 24" tall.  I made her out of a soft warm fleece, and found the dress and cute little shoes at Goodwill.  The socks are the little girlie kind with lace.   

                               Smile On!   <3

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