Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Abstract Quilted Art

       Good Morning!   This is a small wall hanging I did several years ago.  I used some fabric from some of my Mom's dresses that she wore while in a nursing home.  My sister had made the dresses for her and added lace to the collar. 
       The pieces added to it with the circles was a piece that just wasn't holding it's own during the process, so I cut it up, and rearranged it.  The blue ribbon pulls the piece together. 

    This is a close up of the same piece, the colors seem a bit truer here as well.  I did the sewing machine lines to add more texture and to quilt it all together.

    Another up close picture....and I am off to the studio today.  It's nice to know that Frances, Cora and I all had something to do with this work. 

                               Smile On!     

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