Monday, August 12, 2013

Hyndla the Goddess Drawing

      Good Morning!!   Greetings from the goddess, Hyndla.  This is by far the largest colored pencil drawing I have ever done.  It measures 30" x 40". 
      The three pointed symbol behind her represents the three stages in a woman's life: child, woman, and crone.  The quote in the right hand lower corner reads: "Hyndla, the sorceress was there by Freja's side, but lived deep in the forest in a cottage."
       Freja is another goddess who has the honor of being named for one of the days of the week.  All the other days of the week are named after male gods.  Freja represents Friday!!

       Happy Monday, dear Family and Friends!!  Monday is named after the god Mars, I believe....god of war, sometimes Mondays feel that way...gather your troops and hit the world in your own way!!

                                                                                          Smile On!

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