Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three String Music Box

     Here is another little beauty that Ed built.  And I had the fun of doing the wood burning, again.   I call this one "The Little One".  It measures 7" x 24" x 3".  It's the smallest one he has built so far.  It's all maple, and is a three string tuned to EBE. 

    I kept the design rather simple on the top, because the grain of the wood spoke for itself.

            The top of the box and the sides were really fun to do the curving leaf motif.

         The year is burned into the bottom of the box.  I always add made in the USA, on the back of the instrument. 
         This one has a really lovely tone, and is easier to play, due to it's size and the 3-string fret board.

                           Well done, my sweet man of mine!!     

                                                             Hope your day is filled with a pleasant tune!    (*.*)

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  1. I like that musical pc, very nice and the bit of wood burning makes it so artzy.. your art quilt is just great, we need someone in our guild with a different slant on quilting. pb