Monday, September 30, 2013

Art from Dallas, Wisconsin

         Hello!!!    Isn't this a beauty?  We purchased this lovely platter from some friends of ours.  Kim Loose, a potter and Marie Rhodes, a painter, combined their talents.  It looks wonderful in our dining room.

  Kim has a shop in a quaint little village here in northern Wisconsin, called Dallas.  It's a great place to visit!

             Remember, shop local!!    Sooooo, many talented people out in the world!

                         Smile On!     (*.*)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Embroidered Burlap Canvas

      Good Morning!  Here is a couple of burlap stretched canvas pieces I purchased at Wally World.  The smell and texture of the surface called to my inner "hippy child".  Taking a few stitches with some yarn I created these  designs.  One is called "Sunrise" and the other is called "Moonscape"

      May your day be stitched with happy thoughts!!         Audrey   : )

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nigel and the Bus

                                    Hey Nigel!    What are you doing out there, today?

                                                WAITING FOR THE BUS!

                                              What bus would that be, Nigel?

                                                        ANY BUS!!

                                               Where are you going?

                                                     ANY WHERE!

                              Could be a long wait my friend.  This is no bus stop.
                                       This is the porch of the museum.

                          HHMMMMMMMMMMM.....ME USE MY IMAGINATION.

                                      OK, safe trip ......Nigel.  Don't forget to take a lunch.

                                          Happy Wednesday to All, and to All a Good Day!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hannah's Music Box

    This little beauty was built by Ed.  Based on the Tennessee Music Boxes he came across on the Internet, he's built quite a few of these, so far.  This one was built of Aspen, and given to our Granddaughter, Hannah. 

   I handed over the burning tool and she did this gorgeous feather design.  The instruments were strummed using a turkey feather back in the old days.  Hannah's feathers are quite grand looking as they gracefully seem to dance across the surface.

                      Nice work Hannah!  We hope to hear some tunes in the near future.

                                   I hope your day is filled with sweet music!!   <3

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crocheted Coral Monster

         Sometimes, Mondays can even make a monster feel like a basket case.  This little gal refused to cooperate, until I promised her a place in the museum with all the other "little beings".  I promised.

      She quickly leaped out of the basket.  Introduced herself as "Coral", and scurried toward the door to be let into the museum.

    Coral is a crocheted character, who actually started life out as a bit of coral for the crocheted aquarium.  Being a little on the stumpy side, she came to be what she is today.  Happily, another Monster, with a somewhat brittle disposition.
    May you have the courage to venture out into your world, and bring some joy into it!!

                                              : )    Audrey and Coral

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Forever Paper Flowers

         I would like to share this lovely bouquet of flowers with you today!  They are a gift from my Granddaughter Hannah.  She made these after seeing the idea on pinterest.  Oh, yes, Maggie made the one on the very top. 
         The vase is a pottery piece we purchased at an art show.  The artists was a young man from a small town up on Lake Superior, called Cornucopia.
         It all works very nicely together, don't you think? watering or wilting.

                         Smile onward Dear Ones!           ; )


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Crocheted Fish Aquarium

     Here goes another aquarium project.  This one measures 30"L x 13"W x 18"H.  It's a BIG space to fill.  I started with the foam structure, carved the hard edges away, and started crocheting the sandy bottom.

   Once I finished with this, I started adding lots of corals and sea weeds.  I wanted to use several colors in this one, and a variety of coral species.

         After I finished crocheting the sea life, Ed refurbished this old sewing machine stand for it to sit on.  And, once again we have a self contained, maintenance free, aquarium to enjoy!  This was alot of fun to make, and it sits in my museum building.  

           Hope your Tuesday is a pleasant one!!      : )   Audrey

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nigels Last Summer Day

                                            Hey Nigel.......what are you doing today?

                                              ENJOY LAST BLAST OF SUMMER!

                                      Well, your right my friend, it's going to be a hot one today.
                                                            OH, YAH..REALLY HOT!

                                            Any advice for our friends and family out and about?

                                            FIND CHAIR, DRINK WATER, AND SMILE!

                                                          Good advice my woolly friend.

                                                                    : ]     Audrey

Thursday, September 5, 2013

School Bus

        There it goes...back to school!!    I found this old photo in some of the family archives.  I am sure my Mom probably took this photo.  How old is it?  I am not sure, the writing on the bus says, "Frederic High School".   She was a clever photographer, who would think to take a picture of the bus?  The kids yes, as they wait for the first day of school, all dressed in their new shoes and clothes carefully chosen.

       I wonder if she did the happy dance?

                                            Open the Books, Flip Open the Lap Top!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Goba the Buddhist

                         Goba, the Buddhist Monk wishes you a contemplative Wednesday.

         This is another puppet I made, and his name, Goba, means eagle.  And really, is there anything more beautiful then the sight of an eagle slowly gracefully soaring above?  

          Goba wishes for you to have thoughts that soar up into your happy place, today.

                                                           Thanks for stopping in today!  

                                                                    <3    Audrey

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coffee for Nigel

        Hey Nigel....what are you doing?   That is one BIG cup of coffee this morning?  What's with that?

                                                               MONDAY..NEED BIG COFFEE.

                                                  Nigel, it's not Monday, it's Tuesday today.

                                                               FEELS LIKE MONDAY.

                                Maybe so my friend, drink up, let's go to the studio.


                                                                                    Smile On Friends!    :~)