Monday, September 16, 2013

Crocheted Coral Monster

         Sometimes, Mondays can even make a monster feel like a basket case.  This little gal refused to cooperate, until I promised her a place in the museum with all the other "little beings".  I promised.

      She quickly leaped out of the basket.  Introduced herself as "Coral", and scurried toward the door to be let into the museum.

    Coral is a crocheted character, who actually started life out as a bit of coral for the crocheted aquarium.  Being a little on the stumpy side, she came to be what she is today.  Happily, another Monster, with a somewhat brittle disposition.
    May you have the courage to venture out into your world, and bring some joy into it!!

                                              : )    Audrey and Coral

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