Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Repurposed Tablecloth of Cross Stitich

     Hello!!   I've been in the studio the last couple of days working and haven't posted a blog.  This photo is of a embroidered and crocheted tablecloth I found at a garage sale for less then a dollar.  The cloth part was in a bad state.  Holes and beyond repair, but there was all this delicious hand work on it, and only one place where that was beyond help.

    Taking it apart and saving all those lovely parts, I then rearranged them into a wall art.  Hand stitiching it on to a piece of pellon, covered in a rough muslin.  That created a nice contrast between the background and the embroidered work.

    There was enough pieces to make several little hearts, as well as the wall hanging.  The next few photos will show you the works in progress. 

   This is the wall art, laid out but not stitched into place, yet. And the hearts turned out rather sweet, and should make nice little gifts of love, someday. 

   Hope your day is filled with lot'za...Love!                        

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