Saturday, December 28, 2013

Devon from Delaware

    This is Devon, from Delaware.  He is currently inspecting the studio area for anything that may be considered dangerous.  So far, he's found nothing.

    His suit and other accessories were found in the baby department at Goodwill.  I never realized we dress our little boys, like little men.  He does look rather dapper today, don't you think?

    Devon admits to being  "a little soft in the head".  That explains a lot.  He stands about 34" tall, and is made of muslin fabric.  His facial features are felt, and his ginger hair is a wonderful piece of wool felt. 

   He is currently resting in the guest room, and reading all of my altered books.  He seems quite amused, because I hear him chuckle from time to time.

        Thanks for stopping in today!    <3   Audrey

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nigels Christmas Greetings!

      Nigel, what are you doing out here on the front porch?

                      ME CHRISTMAS!

     Well, you are certainly dressed for it.

                     ME MERRY...CHRISTMAS!!

     Love your hat.   Would you like some hot chocolate?

                     OH, YES!!!

     Happy Holidays, Everyone...from Northern Wisconsin.

                                    : )     Audrey and Nigel

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Plant Painting

        In the north corner of my house, there is a place that gets very little sunlight.  To remedy the situation I decided to paint a picture of a plant to add to my little table.  No watering. 

        Keep it simple, my dear family and friends.          !(*.*)!   Audrey

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ernest the Elephant

     Hello!!    This is Ernest the Elephant.   I found a lovely soft wool sweater at Goodwill, and washed it and dried...cutting and stitching it..Ernest arrived.  He is a softy, and quite squishable.  

     He told me that he is not affiliated with any political party.

     He loves poetry, peanuts and paddle ping pong.

                    Happy Monday, dear Family and Friends!     Smile On!   Audrey

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Painting Still Life Pitcher and Tea Pots

      I started painting again.  Since retirement I haven't ventured into the paint world...but the pitcher that my friend Marie painted, inspired me to attempt this still life.

    I was quite pleased with the end result, and did a few more still life paintings of some tea pots we purchased over the years.

      This was a fun time.  Good to hold the brush and push the paint around once again.  This past week, I've since put the paints away, and started on some soft character dolls.  Life is good in the studio!!

                      Smile On!!  Thanks for stopping in, my dear family and friends!!    (*.*)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Karok Quilting Project

     Hello!   I started a wall hanging using the "karok" technique, and it was so fun doing the hand stitching, I decided to make more panels like the one above.

   I then took the three panels and placed them together like this.....

   It measures about 17" x 25", all hand sewn.  It adds a bright spot to my studio!

                           Thanks for stopping by.   May you have happy thoughts as we all head into
                the merry month of December. 

     Nigel sends his greetings, but refused to be photographed, as he has gained a substantial amount of weight, due to the over indulging he did on Thanksgiving...he loves that bird!