Saturday, December 28, 2013

Devon from Delaware

    This is Devon, from Delaware.  He is currently inspecting the studio area for anything that may be considered dangerous.  So far, he's found nothing.

    His suit and other accessories were found in the baby department at Goodwill.  I never realized we dress our little boys, like little men.  He does look rather dapper today, don't you think?

    Devon admits to being  "a little soft in the head".  That explains a lot.  He stands about 34" tall, and is made of muslin fabric.  His facial features are felt, and his ginger hair is a wonderful piece of wool felt. 

   He is currently resting in the guest room, and reading all of my altered books.  He seems quite amused, because I hear him chuckle from time to time.

        Thanks for stopping in today!    <3   Audrey


  1. He looks prep and ready for anything. Can't wait to meet him.