Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Finished Glen House

   The inside of the Glen House is complete.  I would like to share with you how I finished the outside of the house.

   But first, the attic.  My husband removed the roof, and added this new one.  We also switched the opening side to the back of the house.  He added a piano hinge for extra strength.  Now the attic will be used for storage.

   Here it is completed.  I decided against the shingle process.  The deep green acrylic paint covered the roof, and matches the stenciling design I used on the outside walls.

   I painted the house all white, antiqued it with a yellow ochre, and using some stencils I added the designs on the building.  The ground surrounding it is painted with a stone-like look.


   There is Glen peeking out the upper window.  He seems quite pleased with the end result of his new home.  Let's see if the mail has arrived, OK?

                                                       Oh yes, there is some mail today!

   I hope you enjoyed this renovation process.  I know I sure had a great time working on this dear little house.  I have had people ask, "what are you going to do with it?"  Are you going to sell it?"  No, I am going to enjoy it, and when you really love something you can always find a room for it, I think.   Hmmmmm...the guest bedroom will be reorganized and the Glen House will reside in there.

  The adventures continue.  I found two little houses at a shop, cheap and in need of some major repair. I do love a challenge, the creative ideas are already popping!

    Happy New Year!  I mean that with all my heart!!    <3  <3   <3    Smile On!    Audrey

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Floral Shop (part 8)

    Welcome back!  Let's take a tour of the floral shop.  On the lower level is the entrance.  Upper floor is a nice area for taking in the view.  The shop has a nice bricked in area, and a few plants on display.  Let's go inside.

  There is "Little Miss", always ready to greet customers.  No need to worry, she is very well mannered.

   The room is all set up and ready for business.  There is a nice assortment of greenery.  The little red wagon was a second hand shop find, it's previous life was as a Christmas ornament.  The little watering can was a craft store find, and I distressed with some acrylic paint, and added a little clear nail polish to the inside to make it look like water. 

   In this photo, I want to show you that lovely chair in the back corner.  It has some packages on it, that have just arrived.  The chair is a find at a local antique shop.  It was aluminum, and served it's previous life as a can for vegetables or something.  Someone, took that can, cut it into tiny strands of material and then curled, bent and twirled it into a chair.  It's all one piece.  When I found it, it was in its original state.  Adding some black spray paint, and a soft cushion, I have a lovely folk art chair!

   Here is a view from the window in the back of the shop.  The steps have a lovely carpet on them, and a few plants perched on them as well.  The curled plant stand was a former Christmas ornament. 

  That's about it, my little fur friend would like you to know her full name is Little Miss Karen.  She's named after someone very dear to me. 

  One last photo of the greenery, and I would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

                                                  Smile On!!      Audrey

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Process of Building a Floral Shop (part 7)

   Happy Saturday!  Today I would like to share with you the process of setting up the floral/gardening shop in the Glen House. 

   In this photo you can see the room has been freshly painted and oak (paper) floor installed.  The ceiling has a (paper) metal antique look.  The steps were painted black, and a pretty paper carpet covers them.  The window has a matching valance.

   The furniture, Glen built, and I decided to paint it, adding some floral details.  The plants were made with tiny bits from plastic flowers, and the cute little pots were purchased at a local craft store, and painted.  I added "the look" of worn, well used pots with acrylic paint.

   Here is the furniture ready to be moved into the shop, along with all the plants.  Hmmmm...where will I find a cash register?

   While flossing the other day, I noticed the box is about the right size for a cash register.  A few bb's for some weight, and cardboard....hmmmm...this might just work.

   Just what the shop needs!!  A place to put the cash.   This was a challenge, pure fun!  The "keys" are little beads, and some lace was added to the surface to make it look like a fancy old thing.

  Next time, views of the floral shop completed!!  Did you know you can click on the photos and they will get larger?  I am still learning the wonders of to learn new things at my age...ha-ha!

  Hope you have a restful relaxing weekend!    Smile On!    Audrey

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Community Room in the Glen House (part 6)

     Good Morning!  In this photo you can see the Community Room in the upper floor on the left.  Painting the rooms white helps to lighten the areas.  However, I did put in a darker wood floor.  Let's look at some close ups of the interior, ok?

   The room is all set up for the Art Guild meeting at 2 pm.  The chairs are Glen's repainted.  The table was a find at a local craft store.  The plants are ones that I made.  The lovely painting was done by a miniature artist from Stillwater. 

   No meeting is complete, unless there are treats!  Hopefully the member in charge of paper plates and coffee shows up for the meeting.  This round table is also one of Glens, that I repaired and painted.

   Oh...yummy!    The two treats on the white plates were a part of a Christmas ornament.  The pie is one that I made with paperclay, paint and a pop top from a bottle.

   It's difficult to tell from this photo, but if you look in the far corner, you can see a sign that says "Watch Your Step".  There is a fake exit to the room below. 

   The Community Room is available for local meetings, residents of the village may call the landlord and verify a calendar date.     

   Hope you enjoyed this tour.  Next blog will be about the last room inside the building.  The floral shop.    Until on!     Audrey

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Glen House Bedroom (part 5)

    The apartment is on the lower floor, and the bedroom is right above that on the second floor.  The upper area was opened up by removing the center small room.  Leaving an open floor, I put in a wall of foam board to create the bedroom.  It measures about 12" wide 14" deep and the ceiling is 10" high.

   Again I painted the room white.  Adding a paper floor, looking distressed, I decided to use the same paper to bring out the features of the trim, too.

   In this photo you can see the wall paper I decided on.  The wall is made from the foam board, so it was an easy install for me.  The wall paper is a rather bold print.  I was going for a Bohemian look. 

   The bed and nightstand are Glens.  I painted and dressed out the bed.  The sculpture above the bed is a "love" sign made of old discarded and beaten up old letters.  I glued them together and gave them a metal look with some acrylic paint.  The dressers and the red chair are items I made.  The guitar was a Christmas ornament.



    Well, that's it!   The bedroom is ready, along with the small apartment and the bathroom.  In the next blog I would like to share with you the community room on the upper floor. 

    Until then, I hope you have a really nice day!   Smile On!   Audrey

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Glen House Apartment (part 4)

    The best part of this "Glen House", is the bare bones I have to work with.  No scrapping old wall papers, and lifting old flooring.  This is a photo of it as it was.  Then I started working on the little apartment.

    The room was painted white, and the floor painted a lovely shade of yellow ochre.  The windows have a black valance.  The two doors are fake, one leads into the bathroom, and the one next to the window kind of lines up with the one I will put on the front of the building. 

    The apartment has a replica of a rug made by a German artist, Gunta Stolzi (1897-1983).  It was in an art magazine, I cut out, and cut up into sizes that would work better in the room.  The furniture is Glens', and I repainted and added some black lines with tiny felt pillows.  The coffee table has high heels painted on the legs.  I would like to show you a before picture of the living room furniture.


     I used white acrylic paint, and a black marker on these pieces.  The littlest table is called a Tu-Tu table. The coffee table is a high heeled classic table. 

    The furniture can be moved around, and reconfigured at the home owners delight.  This photo shows a hood over the stove, that I have since removed, tiny malfunction.  It blocked the window off. 

   The residents will be eating their meals in front of the TV, as there is no room for a dining set.  The large bedroom upstairs makes up for that little inconvenience.   Next time, a view from the bedroom!

   Thanks for stopping in today!    :^)    Audrey

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Glen House (part three)

   This photo of The Glen House doesn't show the bathroom done on the first floor.  I want to show you the building again, and explain what room I will be doing next.

    The room in the right lower corner is the room that I started on after the bathroom was finished in the center, where you see the steps.  I decided not to make a traditional house out of this building.  Instead I envisioned it with a small one bedroom apartment in the "back" of the building.  The apartment on the lower floor and the bedroom above that.
  The upper floor would also have room for a community room.  Where the locals could hold various events, and club meetings.
   The room on the lower floor, left of the bathroom, will be a floral shop. 

    Now, I would like to show you the kitchen appliances that came with the building.

    The set is made out of wood, and painted white, with pencil used to draw on the doors, and the burners.
I decided to update them, for the little apartment.

    The pieces were painted with silver acrylic, and black was used on the stove door and the top.  A few beads for knobs, pens provided the door handles for the frig.  All the doors and sink counter are made from that soft foam you can buy in sheets.  I found the burners in Walmart in the office supplies.  They were intended to be paper clips. 

   In the next blog I will show you pictures of the apartment, and how the appliances look in the space.

        Thanks for stopping in today!     Smile On!      Audrey

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Part Two of the Glen House Renovation

   While cleaning and renovating the dolls house I found this name in the attic.  Unfortunately, there was no date included.  Once I found this, I decided to call it the "Glen House". 

   I cleared away the stair steps in the bathroom, saving them to be placed in another room.  I also covered the window, and decided that there would be a fake door on the outside of the building, but not in the bathroom.  That way it seems as though the house has an entrance on the front of the building. 

   I took the bathroom fixtures that Glen built and renovated them.

                                                                  Before and After.

    The sink has a faux marble top, and mat board was added to create the doors.  Tiny beads were used for the knobs.  The sink is a plastic cover, and adding a little paper clay softened the inside into more of a bowl shape.  The faucet is a metal hook, and the handles are also tiny beads. 
    The toilet was softened with paper clay to make the seat a little more inviting.  I added a piece of bass wood for the tank, and added the paper clay to fill it in, and create a more standard type of tank.
    The tub needed to be the same marble-like look. Painting it with acrylics, and a nice gloss finish.  The hook again made for a nice faucet, and the handles are the backs of earrings. 
    I have a tiny bit of a real sponge added to the edge of the tub, and the sink has a lovely soap bottle, also made from beads.

    Here is the bathroom freshly painted, and new flooring placed.  The back window no longer exists, and in its place an art-deco design (earrings) on display.  A mirror is above the bath tub.  On the right is a fake door, going into the next room.  A modest dividing half wall, with toilet paper and plant is made from foam board, and a super cool paper with oak-like affect.  It looks so real, love that stuff, paper from a scrap book store!   The Renaissance portrait above the toilet, enhances the colors used throughout the room. 
    The rug with the kittens playing was a purchase, and the plant that one of the kittens is so intent on attacking is one that I put together.  Mini plants are a lot of fun to make.  The one on the half wall is also one that I put together.

    This was so much fun, and the rest of the "Glen House" waits to be renovated....yippee!

       Smile On!!      Audrey


Friday, December 5, 2014

Renovation of the Dolls' House (part one)

    On the second floor of the house, there was a room in the center that had a dead space behind it.  So, I removed it.

   The space is now wide open and full of possibility.  I decided to start on the first floor, with the little room in the center.

   The steps were not glued or nailed into place.  Removing the flat handrail was an easy fix as well.  It was attached with a couple of tiny nails.  I've decided this will be the bathroom. 

    Next post I will show you the bathroom fixtures and the finished room.   Smile On!   Audrey