Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Boris P. Penn Project

    One gray wool sweater, washed dried and repeated several times to achieve that lovely dense felted.  And, then I did the same with a brown wool sweater.  As I prepared to cut into them and create something fun, my cat Buster decided he needed a front row seat.

    A few days later I finished working on this little couple.  I would like to introduce you to a Blue Nose, who goes by the name of Boris P. Penn, and his lovely wife, Sue E.

   Boris is about 28" tall, and Sue E, is about 26" tall.  They have asked if I would take a family portrait, with all the children.  So, I thought I would give it a go.

      Oh, dear...this is awful...the baby is crying, the twins are....well, up to their usual antics!  And, where is sister?    Where is little Truffles?

        Let's see if we can do a more formal portrait, shall we?

      Now that is a nice family portrait, Papa and Mama are pleased to have everyone smiling!  Little Miss Truffles is on the left, baby Kris P. is content, and the twins, Grunt and Grunt are sitting nice

           May you and your family have a pleasant day!!  Thanks for stopping in!       Audrey


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Army Mule : Utah

    A while back, in November, I blogged about an army coat that I purchased, and disassembled.  The other day, I decided to take that wool and create something out of it.  As I cut and stitched, this Army mule came to be!

   This old fella' is called, Utah.  He was a part of the Calvary, back in the old days!  A good natured mule, he pulled many a wagon across the country.  Always proud to serve, he retired, and lived out his days watching the sunset, and rise over the hills.

   Utah measures about 32", from the tip of his ears to his back hoof.  His tail and mane are made of wool felt.  The star patch on his backside is a patriotic throw back to the days when I wore bell bottom jeans.  I saved that old patch, figured it would come in handy on an art project someday.

          Think happy thoughts, it's quite painless, really!!     :  )

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rocky Portrait

     New artwork, purchased from a young local artist.  This portrait is an acrylic painting on a 40"x 32" canvas.  The artist painted this while the high school band played the theme song from the movie, "Rocky". She worked the portrait out in front of a crowd of on lookers, upside down.  So, as we watched the painting progress it was upside down, and as the band finished the song, she turned the painting right side up, and  TAH-DA....Rocky!

     A very talented and brave young woman, I think.  And, I am pleased to share this painting with you, because that special young woman happens to be my Granddaughter.  You rock Hannah!!

    <3  Audrey

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Woollie Bears Group Photo

    Oh, photo, today!   All I had to say was everyone say...honey!  And, the result was this cute little bunch of woollie bears.  I put the pen in there so you could see how big /small they all are. 

   Wait a minute, someone is missing.  Now, where do you suppose that other little guy went to?

    Cleaver little guy.  He is headed for sunny, southern, California!  Good idea!  The temp here in northern Wisconsin is -16.....brrrrr!!

               California Dream'en here...really...chill'en!        :  )

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wagon Full of Wooly Bears

     Hey..pushing through Wednesday, already!  This little group of bears woke up long enough to be photographed.  The wagon was a special find, and measures 4" x 6".  It brings back memories of summer days and a wagon ride around the yard. 

     The four little bears are needle felted woollies, and since this photo I have managed to add to the group.  Do I see a "group photo" in the near future?  

     Carry On, and Be Kind Along the Way!      :^ )      Audrey

Monday, January 20, 2014

Horses in Wool Needle Felting

    Horsing around over here on Monday.  This little filly is a needle felted project.  I used several shades of the wool to give her a nice dappled look.  She measures about 9" long, and 8 1/2" from her ears to her hoof.  Her width is about 3".  A nice solid little mare.  With a soft and gentle spirit.

   This little horse is a soft baby blue color, with a nice smattering of deeper blue spots, and a nice blue muzzle as well.  All made of wool, needle felted.  The mane and the tail are 100% wool cut and felted into place. 
   The challenge was getting it to rest in a comfortable position.  It measures about 8" long, 4" tall, and 2 1/4" wide at the shoulders.  It reminds me of the "My Little Pony" characters, but in a more realistic way anatomically.

      A pleasant Monday to you.  As we sing "Back in the Saddle, Again".

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Soft Sculpture of Old Man Moon Face

   Did you happen to see the full moon last night?  It was already way up in the sky, when I noticed it at the supper table.  And later in the evening, out in the yard, the beautiful deep blue shadows from the trees, across the white snow, created by the moons light.   Wonderfulness!

   This is a soft sculpture I did, using a bit of fabric, that had this great aged look to it.  Adding some batting and a piece for the back, I took a needle to it and created this face.  The embroidery hoop measures about 8" across.

   Old Man Moon, looks out over the studio, and wonders what am I going to do next.   ???

               Hope the Moon Shines Bright in Your Part of the World!          :-)  Audrey

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mini Fish Tank

   It's a fish in a jar!!   This little guy is a wool felted piece, along with the sand and stones.  The sea weed is also a wool felted bit over an armature of pipe cleaner.  The jar is a repurposed one that I had a candle in, sooo...once the candle was finished I cleaned it up, and thought, "mini fish tank."

   May your week, be a pleasant one!     !(*.*)!   Audrey

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Psalmodikon Retro

          This is an instrument that Ed built.  He was inspired by an article about the Scandinavian Psalmodikon.  And he decided to give it a go.  Adding his own ideas to a traditionally one string instrument, he put two on his. 

          The box was a purchase from an antique shop.  It measures about 34 3/4" x 6 3/4" x 4".  He used a piece of galvanized steel for the top.  The original instruments were made with a wooden top.  The fret board is oak.  And he handmade the bridge at the far end.   It is tuned to a D and F#. 

          It makes a lovely sound, when strummed or bowed.

             Well done, my "sweet ol' music maker man."       

                        May you hear beautiful music today!     Audrey

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Key Collection Art

   Did you ever wonder how many of those "keys" you have received from some car dealer in the mail?  I started collecting them, putting them in some little used drawer in the kitchen.  Guess what...I decided to play with my collection, yesterday.

     Wow..that was fun.  I didn't know why I was collecting these funny keys.  Just hated to see them in a landfill, there had to be something they could on a cold winters day, snuggled warm in my studio, listening to the Mummford's...Ta-dah!!   ART!     Smile On, the world needs your smiling face!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Needle Felted Woolies

     Here she is, Granny Turtle from the Sea.    She is made of wool, and sculpted with a special needle.  The process is called needle felting. 

   I am listening closely to see if she has a story to tell.  So far, she said it would be difficult to put into words, she lives in such a different world, under the sea.

    Would be quite wonderful to swim in a tropical place today, as we face an artic blast here in Wisconsin!

    Here is a couple more 'woolies" I made recently.

              A needle felted rabbit and baby moose rest comfortably in the studio today!

                Keep Warm!!   Oh baby, it's cold out there!!         Smile On!     Audrey

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!'s the New Year!    Let's take another trip around the sun together.   An interesting ride through the galaxy awaits, my dear family and friends.  

    With Love, Audrey