Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Army Mule : Utah

    A while back, in November, I blogged about an army coat that I purchased, and disassembled.  The other day, I decided to take that wool and create something out of it.  As I cut and stitched, this Army mule came to be!

   This old fella' is called, Utah.  He was a part of the Calvary, back in the old days!  A good natured mule, he pulled many a wagon across the country.  Always proud to serve, he retired, and lived out his days watching the sunset, and rise over the hills.

   Utah measures about 32", from the tip of his ears to his back hoof.  His tail and mane are made of wool felt.  The star patch on his backside is a patriotic throw back to the days when I wore bell bottom jeans.  I saved that old patch, figured it would come in handy on an art project someday.

          Think happy thoughts, it's quite painless, really!!     :  )

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